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10 Reasons Why Many Blogs Don’t Make Much Money

The reasons for this include the list that Chris comes up with and more. The reasons why many who try don’t make much money blogging are many but here’s 10 reasons that come to mind:

Not enough time - as Chris writes, it is hard work and takes time on an ongoing (daily ideally) basis
Giving Up too quickly - most successful blogs don’t hit their strides til they are at least 12 months old
Non commercial Topic - some topics are easier than others to find significant income streams for

Lack of writing skills - like it or not, blogging is a written form and unless you are able to write you’ll almost always struggle

Breaking the Rules - some bloggers get greedy and break the rules, either of the ad programs they use or the unwritten rules of blogging

Distractions for the core functions of a blog - many get caught up in one of the many distractions that challenge bloggers and forget to concentrate on their actual writing of quality content

Unluckiness - sometimes a blog’s success hinges on a lucky moment - miss it or fail to take the opportunities that come and you might miss significant rewards

Taking Readers for Granted - I’ve seen a couple of blogs over the last year or so that fell over because the blogger became so self important that they forgot that a blog rises and falls upon whether it’s readers find the blog useful to them.

Spreading self too thinly - many bloggers have the gift of being visionaries (a good thing) but fail to have the gift of realism. The result is that many start things that they have no way of seeing through or spread themselves across too many projects too quickly (to the detriment of all of them).

Lack of Focus - hyperactive bloggers who flit from one unfinished project or idea to another without seeing anything through tend to fail to build sustainable blogs

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