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5 Ways to Benefit from High Google PageRank

Google Pagerank With the upcoming Google Toolbar Pagerank (PR) update, which happens about every 3 months, being talked about around the net, it refreshed my memory of the many benefits of having high PR pages.

Before you read any further, remember that the Google Toolbar Pagerank is only a reading of a pages actual Pagerank. Many new marketers don’t understand the difference between the toolbar PR and the actual PR, which is updated much more frequently.

The following are 5 ways one can benefit from having pages with high Google Toolbar PageRank:

1. Although Matt Cutts has recently spoke out about Google disliking paid links, it is still possible if done correctly. You can read more about how to do this in my prior thread on Paid Text Links. Selling text links is an excellent way to add additional monetization to your site and bring in recurring income. One of the main things people look at when considering a purchase is the pages Google PR.

2. With higher PR comes higher user loyalty. I’ve been creating and marketing Websites for years and while I shouldn’t, I catch myself choosing one site over the other because of it’s Google PR.

3. Higher placement in Web Directories and other sites that organize their listings by PageRank. This means that those sites will be giving you a stronger link, in turn giving your sites a better chance of rising once again the next time around.

4. I don’t do much reciprocal linking these days but many still claim it is a beneficial link building technique. Whether it is or not, having a site with a high PR will increase your chances of requests converting into good reciprocal links.

5. Higher probability of being excepted into affiliate and other programs. There are many programs out there that look at a sites pagerank when they consider it’s acceptance into the program.

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