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6 Underutilized Ways to Increase SE Rankings

Increase Search Engine Rankings We all want to rank higher in the Search Engines, right? In most cases that’s exactly the problem, we all want to rank higher. It’s because of this that in order to get front page results for competitive terms we must think “outside the box.”

Of course the number one factor in SE ranking is the number and quality of incoming links.

Below are a few somewhat underutilized techniques one could use to climb a few positions in the SERPS:

1: Examine your internal linking structure. Nofollow all links that don’t deserve authority i.e. contact, email, affiliate links, social bookmarking links, duplicates etc. Lastly, be sure there is a link on every internal page pointing back to the index (with preferred anchor text is recommended). Nofollowing all these links will increase the authority within each page, sending the new authority back to the homepage.

2: Instead of using “home” like most people do, including myself, use your primary keyword. That will increase your rankings for that keyword almost every time. Links don’t have to be external to count. Just look at Wikipedia! I haven’t done this yet for this blog because it just wouldn’t look right with this theme, but I may with the upcoming theme. (posted Jan. 6, 2008)

3: Obtaining quality links by offering unique articles to authority sites, as explained in this Article Marketing Video I created a while back.

4: Using a Host such as SEO Hosting (sister site of HostGator) to host your sites on different C-Classes. Many people will disagree with me on this, as it’s said that just separating c-classes won’t do you any good, as the SE’s have other ways of finding related sites. However, I separated most of my bigger sites into separate c-classes a few months back and links from other sites I own are now clearly stronger. Could be a coincidence, but I think not.

5: Providing testimonials to product owners. Many people, for one reason or another must believe that links on sales pages aren’t any good. Well, do a link: check on all of the links of those who left testimonials for my Article Marketing Guide. You’ll notice that the links I gave them (all of them) are showing up as one of the first 5 links within Yahoo Site Explorer. Each page is ranked individually and sales pages aren’t treated any differently. Most just happen to be a front-page link as well!

6: Adopt a unique internal link structure. The following will not work with every site for various reasons, but some can adopt the structure below in order to provide a clear path for the SE spiders, which will get your your pages index quicker and also pump more “juice” back into the homepage. Keep in mind this structure will only work for a static site, not a blog or similar CMS.

  • Insert the rel=”nofollow” attribute into all links (except for one link pointing back to your homepage, which contains your preferred anchor text) of every internal page of your site (excluding your html sitemap.)
  • Include a link to all pages that you want the SE’s to find in your html sitemap. This is very important. If the SE’s don’t have access to this page and these links, you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot. Your html sitemap will be the gateway to your money pages with the SE’s.
  • If your static site has a blog in a sub-domain or sub-directory put a link on the index of the main static site with the blogs anchor text and let it be followed. So the only two links on the index of your static site would be your html sitemap and your blog. Now insert a link in the footer (or somewhere) on your blog with the preferred anchor text of your static site.
  • Use robots.txt to restrict any and all pages that do not need to be indexed.

    Implementing one of the above should rise your listings a spot or two. Implementing them all should cause a much greater effect if you’re not already doing them!

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