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There are many factors that go into the successful promotion of a Business via the Internet. Sure, you can pay for advertising using Google Adwords or one of the other Pay Per Click (PPC) programs but who wants to spend money on something that they can get for Free? Article Marketing is a free form of advertising that can and will skyrocket your sales if done correctly!

What is Article Marketing? Article Marketing is the process of writing interesting articles on your niche and submitting them to popular Article Directories, Ezines and Newsletters in order to brand your name, product and/or service.

Each article that you create will have a Signature Box, AKA resource box, section that contains a little information about your Business including a link or two pointing to your Website. These links will help in the Search Engines (SE) ranking of your Website but that is only the beginning!

The ultimate goal is to create articles that are of value and interest to the viewer. Article Marketing is a very hot topic in the Internet Marketing community for good reason. The problem is, most people do not appreciate the beauty of this marketing machine.

The true power of Article Marketing lies in the Authors willingness to truly help their audience. When you create interesting, helpful articles that answer questions and/or fix problems, they have a good chance of going viral. A viral article is one that is so interesting that one person sends it to his or her friends and their friends send it to their friends and so on.

In order to succeed with Article Marketing you need to understand the routine of the average Article Marketer. The average Article Marketer writes an article in about 20 minutes and blasts it to as many article directories as possible. Their main goal is to write as many articles as possible and submit these articles to as many article directories as possible.

Most of the articles that they create are on rehashed subjects that their target audience probably already knows all about. They have not generated interest and they have not solved any problems! The only thing that they gain is links from several different article directories of which are mostly low quality.

Now that you know that, you already fall in the top 10% of all Article Marketers and you haven’t even begun!

How do I get started with Article Marketing? First you need to know your target audience. Most likely you already know who you will be targeting, as it is the same as the target audience of your Business.

Second, think of a problem that your target audience faces. The larger the problem, the better. If you know how to solve this problem then you are ready to begin. If not, keep thinking until you come up with a problem.

Once you have decided what topic your article will be on, you will need to come up with one main “keyword.” For instance, if the problem you are addressing is how to remove coffee stains from a carpet then your keyword may be “coffee stain removal.”

Now think of an attractive title. The title of your article is extremely important; as this is what will draw in your viewers, so make it interesting. Another thing to keep in mind is that many of the Article Directories place the title in their META tags. If you are not sure what META tags are it’s OK. Just know that they play a role in the Search Engine's (SE’s) decision on whether or not a particular page should rank high for a specific keyword. Be sure to insert the keyword that you came up with into the title.

Now you need to put your thoughts onto paper, not in the literal sense unless this would be easier for you. Open your favorite word processor, Microsoft Word is the most common, and type in your title.

Now that you have a topic and keyword, it is time to write the article. When creating your article let the words flow just as if you are speaking. Try to make it as interesting as possible and break it up into several small paragraphs. This will make it easier to read, as most people “scan” through articles online. Be sure to create a paragraph at the very end of your article that contains about 2 sentences. This paragraph is your “Signature Block” and this is where you will say a few words about your Business. Be sure to include a link or two as well.

Once you have finished your article it is time to submit it. Go to and and create an account. Once your accounts are created and active you are ready to submit your article. It can take several days for these sites to approve your article, as they are manually reviewed.

The last thing you will need to do is seek out Websites that contain Newsletters and/or Ezines. Contact these Webmasters and let them know that you create interesting articles that focus on the subject within their list and you would be delighted if they would take a look. Some of these Publishers will deny you and some will accept. The main thing is that you continue to write interesting articles as often as possible.

That is how to get started with Article Marketing in a nut-shell. Just “rinse and repeat” and you will start to see some very good results!

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