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Attract Visitors to Adsense Ads by just Colors !!

There is a known tendency for regular visitors to your site to ignore adsense ads due to ad blindness. This occurs when you display the same selected color palette for your ads in the same location.
To prevent regular users from ignoring the ads, you can officially rotate upto 4 different types of color palettes for your adsense ads.

When you are selecting the color scheme for the adsense ads, press the Ctrl key, scroll up or down with the arrow keys and select multiple color schemes with the SPACE bar.

Now you will see 4 selected schemes beside each other and will also be incorporated in the adsense code. This color coding will now be changed automatically whenever the page is reloaded.
This is an excellent way to prevent ad blindness as everytime the page opens, a new color scheme will attract the visitor and might lead to a better click through rate (CTR) and make you more money with Adsense.
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