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Setting Up Blogger

This tutorial is designed to help you get setup with Blogger. The entire process from start to viewing your new blog with its first post should take no more than 15 minutes. It is that easy. Just follow step-by-step and you will have your own blog in no time!

The first thing you need to do is open Blogger's site. You can open it in a new window by clicking here. You will need to move back and forth between that window and this one to follow through this tutorial.

Take a look at Blogger's site. It will look something like this:

At the right side of the screen you will see a big arrow that says "Create Your Blog Now." Go ahead and click that link.

You will now be presented with a screen that prompts you to create an account.

Choose a user name for yourself. You can use a first initial and last name (ie Bill Smith would be bsmith) or any other name you have a good chance of remembering. This user name must be unique in the Blogger system so it may take you a few tries to find a name that is not taken. Next you need to think of a password and type it in the next two boxes. The fourth box is your display name - the name that will appear at the end of each of your posts. If you are leery to have the whole world know your first and last name, you may want to stick to only a first name here. Next you will enter your email address and then indicate that you accept their terms of service. When you have read these terms of service (yeah, right, we know you won't actually read them) click on the Continue button. If your user name is rejected (because someone already has that name) you will be directed back to this screen and will have to enter another name (and your password again) until you find a unique name.

Once you have successfully created your account you will find yourself at a screen like this:

This is where you will choose your blog's title and subdomain. In the first box enter the title for your blog. You can change this later so don't sweat it if you have trouble thinking of a great title right now. The next box is the subdomain where your site will appear (ie your blog's address will be Make sure you pick a word or term that is relevant to you or your site's content since you cannot change this later - you will have to live with your decision! You may not use spaces in this box. Though you may use dashes (-) and underscores (_), we recommend you avoid them if possible. When you have made your selections, click on "Continue." If the name you choose is already taken, you will be returned to this screen and will have to continue to choose until you find a unique name.

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