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Common SEO General Mistakes Many Bloggers Make

1. Title Tag - Never use your domain name as your title. The title is the #1 most important onpage SEO factor in getting a page ranked. Your title tag should be very targeted. It should contain the exact keyword you are trying to rank for. It’s pretty common to see someones name in there as well and that’s fine for branding purposes, but make sure your name appears after your main keyword.

2. Pagerank(PR) Leakage - This is probably the most common mistake of them all. I’ve seen people claiming to be SEO gurus doing this. Using Social Media widgets on your pages is a good thing. It reminds readers that if they found the post interesting they can bookmark it. But, if you use them, add the rel=”nofollow” attribute to them so you don’t leak Pagerank. Every link on every page gets assigned a certain amount of PR. That means affiliate links, Social Bookmarking links, Contact us links…everything! Stick a nofollow into those links so they don’t take from the PR that could be going back into your own pages!! Blogrolls are another great way to leak PR. Most blogrolls are sitewide. That means, although it’s good to give credit to good blogs, you’re giving away a considerable amount of PR to other sites. If you want to run a blogroll I recommend either putting the links on a separate page and linking to it, or limiting the number of link to a couple.

3. Banner Clutter - Affiliate banners are good, they make us money. But if you have a million and one banners, they aren’t going to convert! Chances are, one person doesn’t have 20 or more products or services that they have tried and honestly recommend that run an affiliate program anyway, so it may take from ones credibility as well. To make those affiliate links convert, reduce them to just a few select products that you whole heartedly recommend.

4. Copyright Statement - If you don’t have a copyright statement (i.e. © Copyright 2007 Your Company) people can take your content, as you didn’t claim the copyright. Granted, these days it seems that most people really don’t care about a copyright statement, they’re steal your content anyway, but with one at least you have a legal stand if you need to pursue it.

5. Add a Full RSS Button - Different people use different RSS readers. That’s why it’s a really good idea to have one Full RSS button, where people can easily grab it and subscribe to your RSS feed. Having only a few options may hurt you.

6. Have an easy way for your readers to contact you - If you don’t have a visible “contact us” link or email, you may be missing out of valuable JV’s, link requests etc. It also takes from ones credibility when they can’t be contacted. We have to give people the option to contact us, whether for good or bad.

Those are the main flaws I saw and I hope Jocelyn can use this info to improve her blog even more. Like I said, it’s a great blog and this review was done in order to help her, not put her down.

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