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Free Affiliate Programs

One of the best ways to earn extra income online is to promote free affiliates. One common misconception is that you need your own website in order to profit from affiliate marketing.

Many Internet marketers and everyday people are earning extra income online just by promoting affiliate programs. In order to profit, you must know the basics. It is a very smart idea actually and if done correctly, everyone wins.

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is getting paid from companies that have products in which you sell for them. For example, company A sells business card software and they need to make some sales. They will create an affiliate program that pays anyone a certain percentage, usually around 10 percent, for every sale that is made by someone that they refered to them.

The concept of affiliate marketing is ingenious. The company wins because although they are paying you a certain percentage for every sale, they are profiting from the other ninety or so percent. You win because you do not have to create a product or ship it. All you have to do is promote the product(s) of the company.

So how does it all work? There are several affiliate networks that run thousands of companies affiliate programs. These networks are normally a great place to find an affiliate in the category you are looking for. On the other hand, some companies choose to create their own affiliate program and cannot be found in these networks. It doesn't really matter where you find the affiliate program as long as it is related to your Website (if you are using a Website to promote it.)

It is usually very easy to set up an account with an affiliate program. Normally, you click on their "affiliate" link (normally at the bottom of their page,) fill out an e-form for tax purposes and the companies website will generate a link for you to promote; its that easy. Most affiliate programs are absolutely free to join and have no type of fee for you to pay. You either make money doing it or you don’t.

So how do you make money from affiliate marketing if you do not have a website to drive traffic to it? There are several ways to earn with affiliate marketing without a website.

  1. PPC advertising – There are several different companies offering PPC (pay per click) advertising. All you have to do is pick one, like Google Adwords, and you set a bid on how much you want to pay per click of your link. You can usually make a lot of money with affiliate programs using the PPC technique only bidding five to ten cents per click. The trick is writing an appealing ad that converts and bidding on the appropriate keywords.

  2. E-books – You can earn a huge extra income online just by creating an informational e-book with your affiliate links inside. Just pick a topic, any topic, and write an informational guide on how to do something or about anything at all. Once the e-book is created just give it away. Go into discussion forums, for example, and offer it for free to anyone. Try to do this in forums that are relevant to the product.

  3. Friends and Family – Get the affiliate link and send it to all of your friends and family. Tell them exactly what is going on and next time they are interested in purchasing something from your affiliate category they can make you a little money without costing them anymore than they would have paid before.

There are thousands and thousands of dollars make everyday simply by promoting affiliates. Follow these basic guidelines and you will be well on your way to earning an extra income with affiliate marketing online.

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