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free blogger Xml pure white adsense template

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This theme is a 2 column design for Blogger XML with full support for drag and drop widgets in the sidebars and the footer area. It’s fixed width for a 1024 wide screen or wider. It features a built in RSS feed and an easy to edit horizontal navigation bar in the heading. You can easily add or remove links thru the Edit HTML editor. It’s a a sleek and uncluttered layout that will allow you to add lots of sub-sections in the sidebars.

This theme is virtually identical to the previous Display template except for the black body area background instead of dark grey.

Technical help for this template:
Installing the skin
Backing up your widgets contents

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  2. By jack on January 21, 2008 at 10:09 AM

    great templates blogger site. thanks a lots for helping the new blogger.


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