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Get More Clicks With Adsense

Tips for click thru rate (CTR)
Blend Adsense ads into your writings.Sometimes going against the rules can help, try making the ads stand out from the rest, sometimes it works.Visitors generally view websites from top left to bottom left of the screen, put ads into those areas.Try testing Adsense using different colors in the title and borders.But don't go over board because almost everyone that has been on the internet for any length oftime, has become so accustomed to seeing banners and other flashy ads that mostpeople have what is called 'ad blindness", that is, when they visit a site they are automaticallyturned off or they ignore anything that looks like an ad.

Do not clutter up your blog with loads of ads or you you will wind up loosing money and visitors, I suggest no more then 2-3 Google Adsense ads on one page.

Placing an image next to a text advertisement works well because images draw peoples attention, If you look at my logo at the top of this page you will notice a tiny ad placement.

Just make sure you don't go against the rules of Adsense ,
make sure the images you place are related to your site.

Tips for earning per clicks (EPC)

If you have ever felt that your ad is being undervalued, it probably (is) Make sure there are no junk ads being placed on your blog from Adsense, If you find that this is the problem then

ban them, remove them by using your Adsense block list so that they don't show up anymore.

You want serious advertisers that are going to pay good money in exchange for your traffic not the crappy MFA junk sites.

(websites that have no redeeming value except to get web visitors to the website for the sole purpose of clicking on advertisements MFA).

try using the Google Adsense Preview Tool to identify those MFA sites.

Tips for ad impressions

Increasing your ad impressions sometimes simply means increasing your Blog traffic.

while there are a lot of ways to generate traffic for your blog, I will give you a few ways that you can increase it.

Proper SEO
make sure you follow the basics do not fool around with the title tags or anchor text,

Get active in forums thatare related to your industry, speak politely, give help, and refer to your own websites whenever appropriates. if you just spam other peoples blogs your sure to get IP banned or hazed (yes I will throw a rock at you if you spam bloggertactics) :)

make sure to sign up with digg,, reddit, technorati… Get your self listed with the blog Directory's .

Offline advertisement

Have your friends and family promote your blog,

Make bumper stickers and pass them out, give them to your friends.

I was reading.. an article the other day about how everyone looks at bumper stickers when driving, there a eye magnet at stop lights.

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