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Give Your Blog A Face Lift

There are lot of little tricks that web designers use that can turn a good blog into a blog that really stands out from the rest.

Some blogs just look great, and some are severely lacking in style. here are a few tips to help give your blog a face lift.

1. Optimize the template. Make sure post titles appear in the title tag and append the title tag (hard code) with the most important phrase for your blog.

2. Add A shadow or a border to your photos.
This is probably the easiest step in adding that little something extra. Adding a border or a

shadow doesn’t look as well on every photo. For instance, I think a photo that has a white background should have a shadow and one with a black back ground should use border.

3.The color scheme of your blog is very important and critical
keep your colors simple, I find that using simple black or dark blue text with a white background works the best.

You can use any colors that you want. Just make sure that those two colors contrast well together.

And, if you are going to use the reverse technique, make sure that the fonts are non-serif fonts. Delicate serif fonts tend to become hazy and break making it difficult to read.

4. Less is more: Do not overdo the site with fonts and colors.

This may create a busy and destructive look on the page, which will serve no purpose other then frustrating your site visitors. So remember less is actually more.

5. No decorative fonts in all caps: decorative font in capital letters are worse than reading

paragraphs that are center aligned. Simple non-serif fonts are the best for headlines as they are clear and add weight to the page.

I will come back to this topic later, And give you some more tips. .
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