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Google Accounts landing soon

Spring is a time for change, when couples fall in love, the trees bloom -- and swallows and AdSense publishers both begin their migration. That's right, we've just started our first Google Account migration tests for older AdSense accounts. When you log into your account, you may be greeted by a screen like the one below, asking you to upgrade your login to a "Google Account".

We're rolling out this migration slowly, so please don't be alarmed if you don't see this wizard in your account yet. If you like the email address you're already using, in most cases you'll be able to upgrade it to a Google Account and keep the same login and password. However, if you use another email address for other Google products like Gmail and Picasaweb, you already have a Google Account and you can finally use the same login for AdSense. Please note, however, that at this time it's not possible to update your login to an email address that is already being used as a login for AdWords or another AdSense account. We're working on fixing this, and you won't be required to migrate until we do.

Finally, please keep in mind that only older AdSense accounts need to be migrated, so you may not be affected. You're also welcome to skip the migration wizard for now if you like, although this means you may miss out on some cool new features!

For more information please visit our Help Center.

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