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Guide to Making Money Online With A Website Without Selling

Creating a website to generate income online is one of the most common methods these days. You can earn money from a website by:

a) Marketing your own merchandises/products and services.
b) Joining affiliate programs to promoting other companies products or merchandises.
c) Participating in Google AdSense Publisher Program to start generating AdSense commission from your website.

Option (a) & (b) require a lot of time, effort and advanced Internet marketing knowledge before you start generate profit from your site. The third choice is much simple and faster to profit online with a website. To launch an AdSense campaign you must first sign up to become a publisher of Google AdSense program. You are going to submit your website for review when applying an AdSense account.

The first step of building a website is deciding the content of your website, your content can be related to any subjects as long as they comply with AdSense program policies. Google AdSense policies can be found at Your interest, hobby, past experience and area of expertise may help you decide what topic or subject you are going to write. You can provide helpful content like advice, educational articles and so on to others on your website if you are an expert at something. If you like to travel you may write about the places and countries you have visited and share your traveling experience and tips in your website.

There are plenty of online companies providing web design service but it is expensive using the service of a web design company. Hiring a web designer to build a website via freelance marketplace like is much cheaper than using a company. However this is still not the most effective way to cut your cost to minimum. The cheapest way to create a website is by using a free web development tool or software. There are getting more and more free web development tools on the Internet and I recommend Bluevoda website builder. You can download Bluevoda website Builder at Bluevoda allows user to create websites without technical knowledge. Users can create almost any kinds of website with little limitation. Create websites using Bluevoda is free. You only pay for the domain name and website hosting.

After you finish designing your website, it is time to publish it on Internet and promote your website to earn AdSense revenue. There are a number of ways to promote your website to bring traffic (visitors) to your site.

Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising companies let you advertise your website on search engines using keywords-bidding system. When a visitor enters a keyword you bid on in search engines to find something, the visitor will see your ad and if the visitor clicks your ad, you will be charged based on the amount you bid. The two most common PPC advertising programs are Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing but they are quite expensive to advertise with due to tough competition in the keywords-bidding system. You might encounter the problem of your PPC cost higher than your AdSense revenue and lead to a loss. Luckily, there are low cost alternatives such as,, and so on. These PPC companies allow you to drive instant targeted visitors to your site with less than $0.15 per visitor.

Provide free content
Creating articles and sending them to content websites like online article directories is a no cost way to gain further exposure for your website. You will promote your website and get traffic by writing about yourself and your website with a live link points to your website in the author’s bio of each article published on content websites.

RSS advertising
RSS advertising is another free method to increase your website’s traffic. There are people reading information and news online using RSS readers or news aggregators. This has created another opportunities for webmasters to boost the websites traffic. By creating your own RSS file and submitting it to search engines and RSS directories, the links to the content in your website will appear in front of those who read information using news aggregators and as a result driving free visitors to your website. Need further explanations? You can learn more about RSS at
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