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How do I enable comments on my blog?

To enable Comments, go to the Settings | Comments tab:

Screenshot: Settings | Comments

Then select the Show radio button and click Save Settings:

Screenshot: Show Comments

Once Comments are enabled, several more settings appear:

Who Can Comment?
  • Only Registered Users: if not logged in already, visitors will be prompted to log into Blogger before leaving a comment. If they don't have an account, they can create one.
  • Anyone: anybody in the whole wide world can leave comments
  • Only Members of this Blog: only members of the blog (if it's a Team Blog) can leave comments
Default for Posts
  • New Posts Have Comments: by default, all new posts have Comments enabled
  • New Posts Do Not Have Comments: by default, Comments are disabled on new posts, but can be enabled on a by-post basis:
    Screenshot: Comment Post Options
Comments Timestamp Format
  • The date and time that comments are left will be displayed in the format you choose here.
Show Comments in a Popup Window?
  • Yes: Clicking the "comments" link for a post will bring up a popup window displaying the previous comments and a form for creating a new one.
  • No: Clicking the "comments" link will display the previous comments and the commenting form in the current browser window.
Show Profile Images on Comments?
  • Yes: Blogger users with public profile images will have those images displayed next to their comments. (Note: currently, profile images will only display on the posting form, and not on the blog itself.)
  • No: No profile images will be displayed.
Comment Notification Address
  • New comments will be emailed to the address you list here.

Click Save Settings then republish your blog.


  • Blogger Comments require the use of certain template tags; If you have a template without these tags, Blogger attempts to automatically inject them into your template when you enable Comments, but there's a chance it won't work perfectly. You can check on this by comparing the default template tag code with the injected code in your template (it should be near the post byline).
  • All of our default templates already have the correct template tags for comments.
  • Comments will always be displayed chronologically.
  • The "Post a Comment" form is hosted at, even for externally-publishing blogs.
  • Comments aren't enabled for older posts (prior to when you turned on comments), and unfortunately there isn't an automated way to do this.

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