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How to Get Free Backlinks from Blogs with Descent PR?

Congratulations for having a make money online blog !!! You may be worried now- how to get back links from blogs with descent PR? Now I am going to reveal you how to get those backlinks.

Have you ever seen a small plug-in in most of the popular blogs called "Top commentator"? You can make use of this plug-in to get free back links.

Initially choose popular blogs in your niche from Technorati by using a search box in this site. Then make comment on the blogs with top commentator plug-in. Beware if you spam them, you will be blocked forever...i.e the comments should be genuine and useful to these blogs.

As your number of comments on a particular blog increases, you can get a suitable berth in the plug-in with a perfect backlink for your blog. In this plug-in your name will be displayed along with a link to the homepage of your blog.

If you want traffic from these blogs, you can choose a catchy nick name for making comment on the blogs say- Brittle star, Pixel head, Mommy blogger, Adsensing, etc...

Within a week you can manage to get at least 50 links, if you have posted at least 5 comments in each of the 50 blogs. Make use of this plug-in for building backlinks as these links in the top commentator box doesn't have no-follow tags.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and hope all your holiday activities are not keeping you too busy not to make money online.
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