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How To Get Free Blog Traffic

I wrote an article a few days ago Called "I Want To Digg You. This is a follow up,

Posting articles to Digg can Bring you a lot of traffic, getting them to read
your post and click on a link to your site is the hard part.

If you are to truly take advantage of what this socially driven site has to offer, you need to focus on presentation. How you present yourself can take you a long way.

A Catchy Headline - When trying to get your page Dugg

You want an attention grabbing headline, you also want your headline to include the keywords you are targeting for that post.

If I were to write a post on my blog, about how to bring in more traffic , I would write a headline like “The Secret to Generating More Blog traffic”

I used my keywords “Secret and Traffic” and it is descriptive enough for the post topic.

If I were to write the same article for Digg, I would change the headline to look more

like this - “New way to generate thousands of hits to your website for free”

it is more appealing to the Digg crowd because of the catchy headline.

If you noticed, I used the words new and Free those two words

are part of the top 25 (most read/searched) Digg title words.
Some of the other words are:

A Hot Topic - Digg is all about what’s new and exciting.

You want the first paragraph of your post to be a quick description of what’s to follow.

Digg users read the headlines of each page and scan a few key points. There are generally 20-50 headlines per page,

if the headlines don't stand out they will pass it by, and go onto the next index page.

Make it easier for them to do this by breaking up your content into smaller paragraphs and highlighting key points in bold.

So how do you get people to Digg your article? The main key to getting that momentum going is to write an article that offers something unique and noteworthy. A totally unique and original topic is best,

even an already popular topic can get you viewers if you have a unique take. The key is to offer something "viral" that makes others want to get behind it and vote.

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