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How To Get Indexed On Google And Other Blog Directory's

How Do I Get Indexed On Google And Other Blog Directory's
One of the most frequent asked question by bloggers.

The answer is nothing, Google will find your blog if given enough time.

If you cant wait for Google to find you there are a few things you can do.

Get inbound links

The best thing you can do is to get inbound links from sites that have already been indexed by the search engines.

When the Search engine spider goes to that site to crawl , It will find your link and crawl it as well.

A bonus to having your link on another website is it will also increase your rankings.

However, this is easier said than done unless you have your own site which has already been indexed.

Try finding sites with good page ranking to help your rank go even higher, even asimple email to the site owner asking to exchange links works wonders. try it.
Submit Your Site To DirectoriesYou can also submit your site to blog or other directories to get inbound links.

To make your
Prepare a document with the following information before you start.
Keep this document. It’s your blog’s biography. You’ll have reason to use it as your blog makes friends and influences people.

Your user name.
Pick one with no spaces. Many directories and forums require that, and no one needs too many user names.

Your email address
This email address will get directory updates and be used for verifications. You may want it separate from your personal email address. You’ll need a system to keep track of directory correspondence. Much of the log in/password email that you want to keep will have subject lines that start with blog-something.

Your password
I’m sure you know the cautions and rules about passwords.

The name of your blog
Be sure that you have the spelling, spacing, and everything about the name exactly as you want it. Some directories make it difficult to go back to change it later.

This is http:// (yourblogname) .com

The feed
Some directories will ask for your RSS or XML feed. You should be able to find that address within your blogware documentation. It will look like your URL with an extension.

The description
Though you’re probably anxious to get done, don’t hurry through this one. This is your advertising, and it will be out there a long time. Again, in some places you may not be able to change it later. Make two versions one under 150 words and one under 300 words. Some directories have stricter length limits.

Choose keywords that readers would use to look for a blog like yours. Review them to make certain that they’re not so broad that they apply to every blog, or so narrow that only you would know them.

Then start with one of the lists below. Approach the task as suits your nature. I did a few every day until I was done. That way I could work on writing and do things on other parts of my blog too.

You don’t need to be in every list and you don’t need to carry every link on your blog. So take a look around before you submit.The best directory to get listed on is the Open Directory. To submit your site to Open Directory, go to

How to suggest a site to the Open Directory.
Google, and many other search engines, uses the data of the Open Directory Project. In fact,Google Directory is taken from DMOZ, so if you get listed in DMOZ, your site is also listed on Google. However, it is VERY hard to get into the Open Directory.It is easier to submit your blog to blog directories.
Blog Catalog
Globe of Blogs

Google directory also has a list of directory's for you to pick from.

Submit URL to search enginesYou can also submit your URL to search engines.
* i don't bother with the search engines. they dont seem to help all that much.
Submit your URL to Google
ExactSeek - Add your URl
Submit URL to Yahoo
MSN URL Submission

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