How to increase pagerank - Blogger help, tips and hacks

How to increase pagerank

How to improve your PR:

Content is the King: If you provide quality content then you will get regular readers and many of those will copy a summary (or sometimes the complete article) into there blogs plus linking back to you. Good content may sometimes get renowned bloggers linking to you which will drive traffic and will give your site more weight due to there high PR.

Keyword management: See, whatever your PR be if you do not use proper keywords into your blog you wont get listed into Google searches. So use right keywords in the URL, the "title" tag, the article's heading, the text and the links which you make.

Follow the "nofollow" revolution: When you comment on any blog you might see the name of your website under the comment authors name. But know this very well that those links aren't considered by Google for PR calculation. But these days many bloggers are removing the "nofollow" tags from there links in comments. Thus when you comment on there blogs you will earn a link to your blog too. Pretty cool!

Post on forums: There are so many forums available over the Internet that its tough to know which is good and which isn't. A good way could be to check PageRank of these forums. Now post mostly in those forums which have high PageRank. Each link into these forums will be considered by Google bot as a backlink to your site. This way you earn good amount of visitors, a high PR link plus some knowledge too!

Order reviews: Investment is required whenever you want to outshine others in this world of competition. So if you are capable of investing then go order some reviews into high PR blogs which again gives you visitors plus link.

Link Exchange: Blogroll as many of us call it, is a nice way to increase the number of backlinks to you blog. For those who do not like the LONG blogroll list in there blogs could ask the other author to copy some content from your blog and indicate the source. And you do the same too. That way you earn the same weight backlink.

Your own websites network: If you have more than one website than why not link back from each website to you other websites. That also brings you good backlinks and that too without spending a dime!

Submit links to online directories: Online directories mostly have good PR. Start submitting your link to these directories to get high quality backlinks.

Start online contests: Various contests in different blogs is a new way to earn traffic and to get large number of backlinks. Giving you an example, ask your readers to review your blog in there blogs and ask them to link back to your blog in return. Inform them that the best review will earn some cash prize or something unique from your collection if you do not want to spend money.

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