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How to Place Adsense on Your Blog

One of the more popular ways to make money blogging is through Google Adsense. Adsense allows almost anyone with a blog or website to create an account and place ads. The ads are, for the most part, targeted to each blog. For instance, a blog about writing will have ads about writing. Each time a visitor clicks on one of the Adsense links, the blogger earns money. The amount of money depends on the ad; different keywords bring in different amounts. Google will send a check once you receive $100 in revenue. It's quite easy make money online this way.

Create a Blog:
Your first step is to create an account with your blog platform of choice. If you use Wordpress you may only be able to use Adsense if you install special plugins. If you use Blogger, there's actually an Adsense option within the template design feature. Read up on the different types of platforms to find out which works best for your needs. Be sure to read all the FAQs, specifically those related to advertising.

Open an Account with Adsense:
Your next step is to open an account with Adsense. Simply sign up and fill out all the necessary information. Once approved, you can place Adsense on your blog.

Place Adsense on Your Blog:
Log into your Adsense account and click on the "Adsense Settings" tab. If you wish to place ads on your website, click on the "Adsense for Content" link. Once you reach the "Adsense for Content" page, you can choose the type of ad you would like for your blog. You can choose a text ad, which consists of links, an image ad with is a picture or graphic, or both. Choose your ad type and click "continue."

The next screen takes you to design page. Here you can choose the ad's size, shape and color. After your make your choice and click continue you'll be directed to a screen that allows you to click and highlight the HTML to copy and paste the Adsense code to your blog. Most bloggers prefer to place the code in the sidebar, but choose a design that works best for your blog.

If you use Blogger, you can either paste the code as directed above, or click on the "template" option and drag and drop the code as desired. Blogger even offers an option allowing you to "blend" the ads into the blog. Many prefer this step as they don't have to find the perfect color match
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