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Increase your Adsense CTR to 50% Easily

was just going through some old sites and realized that I was leaving money on the table. A good majority of these older sites are getting decent traffic, which is pretty cool considering I no longer promote many of them. What isn’t cool is where I have my google ads placed on these sites.

Most of my newer niche sites get a CTR of around 30% and it’s not hard, nor is it a secret. The best converting advert in the adsense arsenal is the large rectangle. The best converting position for the large rectangle is just beneath the page header, where it’s the first thing your visitors will see after they read the header.

Of course I can’t guarantee this will get you a 30% CTR, as it depends on the relevance of the ads that Google serves etc. I can tell you that many of my sites do produce a CTR of 30% doing just what I stated above.

Just think; if your site is generating $20/day from adsense, but getting a 15% CTR; doing this may very well double the income from that site.

If most of your sites are getting a 15% CTR you could literally double your income just by placing adverts in the right spots!!

In other words, if you don’t think much about the placement of your ads, you’re leaving money on the table. And when I say “your leaving money on the table” I mean lots of it!

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