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Installing Blogger XML Templates

This short guide will walk you through installing an XML Blogger template from a .txt file on your own computer.

The first thing you do is download the template from the website. If it’s in a .zip file, the next thing you must do is unzip the file, preferably into the same folder that you downloaded it to. This is very simple if you have a file decompressor program installed like Winzip or similar. Here’s a link to some free ones if you don’t have one installed: File Decompressors. Unzipping is easy, normally you can just right click on the file and then select Extract Here

Once you’ve done that your file will be in a .txt format which can easily be opened in Notepad. It’s not necessary to open the file though, you can use the automated file uploader built into Blogger’s control panel. This makes it extremely easy to install a new template. BUT before you move on to the install you may want to do a complete back up of your template so that you don’t lose your links and buttons. Click here for an easy guide to doing just that: Back up your XML template widget data.

Once you’re satisfied with your backup, go to your blogs’s control panel and click on the Template tab, once that window opens click on the smaller Edit HTML tab just below it. What you’ll see is a page area like in the image below.

Installing Your XML Template

Then just click on the Browse button (arrow in photo above) and navigate to the unzipped file. Once the file name shows in the little window, click Upload. And that’s it! You’ve just changed your template the easy way!

I hope this guide helps, comments are welcome.

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