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Introducing the AdSense API beta

If you're a web developer or host, now you can generate more revenue and improve your service with the new AdSense API. The AdSense API is a free beta service that allows you to integrate AdSense into your website offerings.

What can I do with the AdSense API?

Using the AdSense API, you can enable users to perform a variety of AdSense functions without leaving your website, including the following:

- Create an AdSense account
- Manage an AdSense account
- Create and modify AdSense for content ad units and link units, AdSense for search boxes, and Referrals
- View detailed reports to monitor performance and earnings

How does the AdSense API benefit your site and users?

By making it easy for publishers to sign up for AdSense and generate revenue, the API offers another compelling reason for publishers to choose your service over a competitor's--and remain loyal to you. The AdSense API is great for publishers who don't want the hassle of setting up their own accounts or dealing with cutting and pasting HTML snippets.

How does this generate revenue for you?

Approved AdSense API developers will receive a share of the revenue earned by the publishers you've signed up. In addition to the revenue share, you'll also receive $100 each time a new publisher you've signed up earns $100 in less than 180 days. This means that developers who currently charge for services can now use the AdSense API to offset some of the costs of your services--maybe even making it possible to offer your services free of charge.

Additionally, as the developer, you can optimize your ad's placement, color, and format to increase your users' earnings--and your users don't have to do any additional work to display optimized ads.


We've started taking applications from people whose sites receive a minimum of 100,000 daily page views. To be eligible, your site must register users who then maintain their web content through your site. The types of sites we're looking for include web hosts, blog hosts, Wiki hosts, forum hosts, and web publishers.

Visit the AdSense API web site for more information. To see if you qualify for our beta, submit an application today.

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