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Is your Blog Lowering your Adsense Income?

Google Adsense Smart Pricing For the longest time I noticed a trend within my Adsense account that was somewhat bothersome. When I had high paying days, all of my sites did well. When I had low paying days all of my sites did bad. I rarely had days where one site would do really well and others wouldn’t and vise versa.

I asked several people and posted the question on several forums etc. Noone knew why this would happen.

Then, a few weeks ago a sold a few sites that had extremely low CTR’s. I’m talking extremely bad, below 2%! Now for the past week or so my adsense has risen and I’ve noticed higher paying clicks and CTR’s throughout my entire Adsense account…why?

I just read an article by Courtney Tuttle, which I believe explains exactly why. It’s titled “How to Get Worthless Adsense Clicks.”

In a nutshell he explains how low performing sites can cause your entire Adsense account to drag due to Smart Pricing.

He explains that Internet Marketing related blogs normally perform poorly with Adsense, as most of us already know, but my thinking was, “I won’t leave money on the table, as little as it may be.” Well, now that I’m pondering this concept I’ve went ahead and removed Adsense from this blog, as it was bringing in very little income anyway and could have very well been costing me money.

I run Adsense on about 12 sites and with the removal of this blog I only have one article directory that performs under 4% that I need to deal with.

It’s somewhat exciting to manage my account, removing poor performing sites just to see what kind of a difference it makes.

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