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In my last article I explained how I successfully turned $1000 worth of Adwords ads into 3 cents worth of Adsense profit. See Make Money for all the riveting details.

In my continuing quest to become the greatest money making loser on the internet I have graciously offered to explain the whole SEO racket to you so that you can hold on to the cash in your wallet but still feel the exhilaration of being scammed like me. Last time I mentioned that writing articles was the best way to get free traffic to your site. This is true for two reasons; people who read your article may click your link at the bottom of your article and come to your page and secondly, other websites might use your article on their site, thereby giving you a much sought after backlink to your site. Repeat after me... Backlinks are Good!... Remember this. Backlinks are the Holy Grail of getting rich on the internet. Let me explain...

Think of the internet as the pyramids of Giza. There are three pyramids sitting on the Giza plateau. Since I am to lazy to go look up their real names let's just call them Larry, Moe and Curly. Larry is the little one and resembles, Moe is the next biggest and resembles and finally Curly is the big Kahuna and resembles Your task is to climb to the top of each pyramid. is relatively easy, Yahoo is a bit of a challenge but do-able, Google is a bugger and I hate them er... it! If you get your website or blog listed on page 1 of MSN you can expect a few hits a day. This depends of course on how popular your keyword is. If your keyword is 'Making Money' then you might get rich. If your keyword is 'Mayan Handtools from the pre-Columbian Period' you should probably find a new career. If you manage a page 1 listing on Yahoo you can expect dozens or even hundreds of hits per day, again this depends on your subject (keyword). If you get a page 1 listing on Google and you have a popular keyword like 'Shoes' then you can expect thousands and thousands of hits and you had better warn your service provider because you will likely crash their site from overload. (You might also want to investigate an offshore bank account as well cause you will probably become filthy rich.)

Ranking high on these 3 search engines matters a lot (Yahoo is not really a search engine - it's technically a Directory - I don't feel like explaining the difference right now and all in all it doesn't really matter ). The important thing to note is that these 3 are the internet and if you are trying to get rich quick, slowly or otherwise you will need to get listed on page 1 on all of them. All the other search engines out there are insignificant, Google gets 50-70% of all search queries, Yahoo about 20% and MSN about 10%, the rest don't add up to a single percent.

So what has this got to do with 'Backlinks'? In the good old days you could put up a site about, let's say "making Money on the Internet" and fill it with pages and pages of crap about making money and the big three engines would peruse your work and index you based on how much money making gibberish you had and how relevant it was to someones query. If someone typed in "I want to make gobs and gobs of money fleecing unwitting strangers on the internet" Google would return the sites in its index based on which sites used the terms 'gobs and gobs' or 'fleecing' or 'unwitting strangers' or even 'Money' as long as those sites had those terms in it's Meta Tags. If you don't know what Meta Tags are, ask any 14 year old computer geek or you can just Google it.

Meta Tags are believed to be irrelavant these days anyways. Apparently the get rich quick types took advantage of this technique and stuffed as many keywords as they could think of into their Meta Tags in order to get Googles attention and this resulted in high rankings for websites that had tons of relevant Meta Tag terms but not so much relevant content for the hapless user. In fact a website that explained how to make a chocolate sundae could have ranked high for the search term 'make money on the internet' as long as they stuffed lots of make money references into their Meta Tags. Needless to say - the Google brains were not pleased as they wanted a reputation for returning the most relevant site for any and all search queries used.

To this end Google more or less scrapped the Meta Tag thing (Yahoo and MSN still give some wieght to them)and turned to backlinks and page ranking, among other things. It should be mentioned that no one really knows all the ins and outs of how Google ranks websites but lesser geniuses have been able to figure out portions of the Google algorithym by trial and error and various other methods. Googles secrets are closely guarded and housed with the other great mysteries of the modern age - how to get caramel inside the Caramilk bar and the Colonel's secret recipe.

Back Links

Google decided that it would rank pages based on the number of votes a page or site received from other pages or sites on the internet. Votes could be counted by the number of links a website received from other web sites. If you had a site and 1000 other sites loved your stuff so much that they put links on their site directing people to your site then Google would count that as 1000 votes (backlinks) for your site. Let's say your site competed with 1,000,000 other sites for the subject of 'making money on the internet' (keyword) and you had 1000 backlinks and none of your competitors had that many backlinks then you had a good chance of being on page 1 and maybe even the top listing.

The problem with this method soon became apparent as the former keyword stuffers quickly concentrated their efforts on backlink stuffing instead and just as quickly regained their places atop the search results. Websites began showing up that offered you 1000's of backlinks in return for your money. The fact that the backlinks were from sites that had no connection to your subject matter didn't matter. Quantity was the word of the day.

Google wasn't happy about this either. In it's wisdom, Google decided that you would rank higher based on relevent backlinks and not just the number of backlinks. In fact you could lose ranking position if you were seen to be using linking farms and other black hat techniques. (I'll discuss black hat/white hat in another article - I'm in Florida on vacation and I tee off in an hour - I need to get this finished) No problem said the Internet sharks and they quickly created 1000's of blogs full of crap but all highlighting their keywords and then linked all these blogs back to their main money making site. Presto! They now had 1000's of relevant sites linking to their cash register. To do this they employed numerous software programs designed to create blogs and websites by the hundreds at the touch of a button and other programs that could spam hundreds of forums and guest books in order to leave their links behind. I'll discuss these programs in yet another article as I would really rather be golfing right now. The result of this is the now familiar system of having to fill in a box with the correct letters and numbers shown in an image. You have probably done this endless times and you can thank all the automated spamming programs for this.

To solve this problem Google has recently changed their ranking formula once again. To rank well you must now, again among other things, have lots of relevant backlinks that come from sites with high page ranks and you must wait out an undetermined amount of time in the Google 'Sandbox' before getting a pagerank of your own.

Page Rank

Page rank is simply a system of rating pages based on how important Google thinks the page is. A page rank (PR)of 0 out of a possible 10 is a page that is deemed totally unimportant and getting a backlink from a PR 0 site will not help you much. Getting a 1000 links from PR 0 sites might get you a page rank of 1 or 2. In contrast a website that only has 10 backlinks but they are all from sites with PR of 5,6,or 7 will probably get you a page rank of 4 or more as Google will deem your site as important . If you get links from a high PR site that happens to be a government (.gov) or even better an education (.edu) site then your page will get a very high ranking as these links are believed to be the most important types. While there are never any assurances with Google you can probably expect a page one ranking for your keyword if you can get a few hundred relevant backlinks with at least 15% of them from PR 3 sites and higher. If you can get a PR 7 site to give you a link you will rank very well.

Ok, there is much more to explain and understanding backlinks barely brushes the surface of SEO. I however might have mentioned that I have a tee off time and have to end this pronto. I will return will more enthralling info in my next article cleverly entitled SEO and Stuff - Part 2.

Oh be sure to check out my Blog where I intend to fleece you out of your last dollar as soon as I figure out how to do it. In the mean time you might find some interesting stuff on it or if you have too, you can leave a comment or two of your own. I love hearing about how you got fleeced by the sharks so let us all know who to avoid.

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