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Make Money Online: Adsense Story Contest

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Wanna earn money online through adsense? There is a great opportunity to explore your website traffic and Adsense earning. Just keep on reading, you may be interested in this post...'s Tim Carter is one publisher who's been able to do great things with AdSense. Here's his story on moving from building houses to building websites and how AdSense has helped him along the way.

The AdSense Story Contest

Now that you've heard Tim's story, we want to hear about your experience with AdSense. We've heard from publishers who've been able to keep their site free to users, quit their jobs, and even pay for their wedding! What have your AdSense earnings enabled you to do? Whether you have a blog, a small website, or an entire company, we want to hear your story. There's no need for a production crew or studio; you can create the video at home with a webcam.

Here's how it works:

1. Shoot a video (2 minutes or shorter) about your story with AdSense.
2. Fill out the submission form and submit your video as a video response to Tim's video on YouTube.
3. We will review your submissions and pick a few videos to be featured on the AdSense blog in the coming weeks.

In your video, you may want to answer some of the questions below, but feel free to include others.

* Where you are from and what you do for a living?
* Why did you create your site, blog, or forum?
* Who is your intended audience?
* How did you hear about AdSense?
* How has AdSense helped you?
* What are some useful AdSense tips you would give to other publishers so that they can see the same success?

When creating and submitting your video, here are a few important things to remember:

1. You need to have a YouTube account to participate.
2. Be creative! Use props, backgrounds, and sets; however, please do not use any trademarked logos, images, or copyrighted material for which you don't have permission to display in your videos.
3. You can disclose gross earnings, but not any specific AdSense statistics such as clickthrough rate or eCPM.
4. Feel free to talk about your site, but don't advertise or encourage users to visit your site and click on your ads.
5. By posting your video you give Google the rights to display, reproduce, and distribute your content.
6. Your video must adhere to both YouTube and AdSense Terms and Conditions. Google has the right to remove any video submission that does not comply with these terms.
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