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Make Money Using Free Viral Traffic Program

About a month ago I was surfing through all the get rich quick junk I find sent to me in my emails. As usual most of the stuff was the same ol'same ol'- send off money for some fantastic new ebook that ABSOLUTELY will make you rich or some new program that POSITIVELY GUARANTEES overnight wealth without you so much as lifting a finger! We all know how these things turn out - the only good thing about ebooks is that they don't need to be dusted like my hardcover collections. You know you have too many ebooks when you are reading about a new super duper ebook and it dawns on you that maybe you bought the dam thing last year - I hate to admit it but as I was reading a new ebook that I had just bought and downloaded I suddenly realized that I had bought it once before - that really sucks! I am an internet marketers' dream come true!

So anyway...

I was going to say that in the midst of all the crap floating around in my emails I came across a gimmick that I hadn't seen before or at least I couldn't remember seeing it before. I have long since forgotten who sent it to me but that doesn't matter anyhow. The jist of it was a way to get up to one million visitors to your website WITHOUT spending a dime... Yea Sure! Since I am a confessed get rich junkie I just had to follow the link to see what this scam was all about. I buy tons of crap on the net simply because I can't resist finding out what the latest twist is, not because I actually think any of the crapola will actually make me rich.

So what was the twist?

Well, the webpage loaded and I was pleasantly surprised to see a well designed and professional looking site - not the usual garish looking one page sales letter we are all familiar with. A second surprise was the fact that it had a Google page rank of 4 - for the uninitiated this means a couple of things; the site has been around a while and it has a lot of backlinks which means that it is not a fly by night. Good stuff to know but I still smelled a scam and quickly zipped to the bottom of the page, without reading anything, in order to see how much money this "Free" program was going to cost me. Surprise number 3 - NADA, ZIP, no mention of cash at all - holy cow could this be real?

Being a cynic I have got things for free before and got what I paid for - more used up storage space on the hard drive and zero dineros in the bank account. A genuine freebie is always worth a read though, for the entertainment value if nothing else, so I read the 'Free Viral Traffic' spiel. I can't say I did a handstand when I finished but it was an interesting twist on the whole viral/MLM/Pyramid scheme and unlike the usual forms of these projects this one really was free so even if it didn't work at least it would not cost a cent.

So what is it?

Basically it's the old pyramid scheme but instead of you sending money up the chain you have to view 6 websites for about 30 seconds a piece. After viewing each site you are given a code and when you have the six codes you use them to join up and get your own page that allows you to put your ad or website in the first position. The idea is simple enough, over time your ad will get viewed by as much as a million people before dropping off the list. So what? Well most people view the sites and just get the code and move on to the next one - but a small percentage of people will see a site that does interest them and check the site out as well as get the code. If just one percent of the people check out your site you are looking at 10,000 visitors to your site. 10,000 potential buyers for free is nothing to sneeze at. I, of course just had to try this and quite frankly, thought I'd be lucky to get a hundred visitors. That was a month ago... so the results are in.

What happened?

To my amazement the site I used went from about 50 hits a day to an average of about 600 - no sh*t. Now being a complete loser I wasn't selling anything on the site, just giving away free ebooks (to build up a mailing list that I can use one day when I figure out someway to take peoples' money) but I did convert a lot of those visitors (10 - 15 a day)and now I have a fairly good size list. I have re-enrolled on the site with one of my sites that does sell something and after one week I have made 6 sales (yea, I know - I'm not getting rich) but what the heck, I made a little money from something that hasn't cost me one thin dime and I have a decent email list to boot.

So how do you get others to join?

This is always the problem when it comes to these schemes but since there is no money changing hands it is a lot easier finding people to join up. When you join the program you are given a whole bunch of promo tools and ideas. My method simply involved sending a letter to a small list of people I already had. (less than 50)I'm not sure how the folks in my group went about promoting the program but they must have found a way and quickly as it didn't take long for my hits to increase (about a week after I sent out the letter). If you have a website write a little blurb or you're welcome to steal this blurb and post it on your site with a link to your Viral Traffic page.

If you're interested you can join at the link below and it is free so you have nothing to lose.

Note: When I joined I really expected nothing as far as traffic increase - I joined simply because the Viral site is a Google page rank 4 and I wanted the backlink. This is a nice bonus because you will get the backlink as soon as you put your site on the Viral Traffic page.

Later folks and Good Luck,

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