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Pete Cashmore Interview

Below I have an interview with Peter Cashmore of, one of the world’s Top 10 Blogs according to Technorati and the world’s largest social networking news blog with over 5 Million monthly pageviews.
1. How did you get your start in blogging?
I just had an interest in the topic and new stuff on the web. The web was revving up for the next cycle and I just had an interest so I just started blogging about it. This was in about 2005.

2. Your blog often posts dozens of times a day. Why do you post so much in comparison to most bloggers who post just once or maybe a few times a day?

We got a lot of new news and it’s a very busy base. Volume is based on how much news happens each day. We reject most of the stories we get and just post as much quality news information as we receive.

3. How can a blogger write for Mashable?

They can e-mail us at and get more information at Mashable Writers. We go through the request and look over the applicants past blog experience and writing experience. We look for literacy and interest. We want someone who wants to get involved in topic area and has previous experience.

4. Your blog recently added its own social network. What advice do you have for people looking to expand their blog from just a blog to a website with a blog, forum, image galley, social networking feature, etc.?

I think its difficult to do right now. A lot of times a blog is very inflexible. Coding experience is also very helpful, because otherwise it is very expensive. We have a partnership with a social networking company for our network. It is definitely a challenge and takes a lot of time.

5. What do you think is the main reason behind the tremendous popularity of Mashable?

Our Persistence. We have kept going with it. Those who have persistence will normally have success. We also got into the niche fairly early when there was not a lot of competition. There is a lot of competition now. It took time and was not an overnight success.

6. How are you able to support so many users? What hosting company do you use and how has this worked for you?

Everyone has problems when they scale. We did too and it took time. You need to be able to do things with Wordpress to make sure it can support a large number of users. We use MediaTemple as our hosting provider. They are fairly good and keep us up the vast majority of the time.

7. What is the number one piece of advice that you have for new bloggers?

Get a real job. (laughs) Be prepared for a lot of hard work and be consistent, it takes time.

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