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Quit Wasting Money on Bad Pay-Per-Click Programs!

If You Don’t Know Who Your Best Target Audience is that Will Read Your Blog On a Daily Basis, You Have Already Lost the Online Battle for Success

Every marketing major that is fresh out of college knows that every business should treat it’s customers like gold, or it will never be able to grow into a larger more successful company. That is why they know much more than most SEO web site developers who believe that the correct keyword placement is the major element in your big SEO campaign. They are dead wrong about this.

All of your SEO techniques should be based on who your actual customer base really is. You have to visualize exactly what your customer’s user intent is when he is doing a Google search so that you will be able to meet his needs when he gets to your blog pages. Let’s say a potential client puts in the phrase “Honda car parts’. Does that customer already know which car parts he needs for a customization job on his Honda Civic? Or does he want more information regarding the best modifications he should put on his car to keep up with his friends who already have a better looking Civic than he does? These important questions need to be answered by you before you can even begin to think about what your main SEO campaign should consist of.

If your customer already knows that he would like to purchase a Honda muffler that produces the correct sound that he wants to be emitted from his exhaust, then you should put him directly on the purchase page that gives him a discount on shipping charges as well as a great deal on the exact muffler he was looking for as it pertains to your blog content info. Do you think that this person will buy from you now? Of course he will, because you have made it impossible for him to buy that muffler anywhere else but on your blog site that has a great link to a perfect deal for him/her.

If that customer needs a lot more information regarding the specifications on a Honda bumper that will fit his car’s frame perfectly, then you need to direct that potential customer to a web page on your blog site that will give him the exact information he needs before he will be able to make that essential purchase. Try to always design and update your information pages and resubmit them to Google on a regular basis to keep up with changing market trends in car customization if that is indeed your main industry.

But whatever industry you happen to be in, you need to make sure that all of your blog pages are up to date to ensure that your potential client is not lost in the cyber wasteland trying to figure out how to get to your product pricing page or your information pages that will give your client every opportunity to purchase whatever it is that you are actually selling.

One of the best techniques available to you to find out what kind of web user your main customers are is by giving them a survey to fill out once they get to your main blog pages. You need to ask them question such as: “What were you looking for when you uncovered my site?’ If their answer is “I needed to buy your product”, then you know you have to direct them to your pricing and shipping screen. If their answer is “I needed more information regarding your product”, then you need to direct them to the information screen.

After about fifty people take this survey, you need to break down the percentage of people who entered your blog site looking for more product information as opposed to the ones that were looking to buy your product or service without needing any additional information. Then you will be able to start a successful SEO campaign designed to accentuate the user intent that was higher rated than the other one.

Once you have started that campaign, you can then develop more blog pages that will be designed to direct these customers directly onto either the product or pricing web page, or the product information web page that you now know most of your customers will be looking for. All of this is always determined on how your actual blog pages relate to the product or service you are selling, so keep all of your blog pages relevant to the product/service you are selling and you will achieve a high degree of success.

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