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The reasons why PTR and PTC systems suck

Theres tons of paid-to-read and paid-to-click sites on the web,most of them exploit the members in order to earn money ,if you attended a ptr or ptc program you had better cancel your registration right now,because its not worth wasting time on these web sites.Wondering why?

Because you get $0.01 for wasting 30-45 second on a wack web site.

Because after 100 clicks you will be paid $1 , probably they will send you 10mails per a day it means in 10 days you will earn $1.

Because 100clicks equal to 3000 seconds and 3000 seconds equals to 50 minutes.

Because you will give up clicking since its boring and pays a little money.

Because they pay with PayPal and PayPal cuts some of the money and you will have $0.67 for $1 in your paypal account.

Because payment is not quaranteed,consider the risk.

Instead of making webmaster of ptr-ptc sites rich ,you can create a blog or own a website to generate revenue.

In 50 mins you can create 1-2 original (not copy/paste ones) articles.

Ads (such as yahoo ads,adsense ads,) related to your article make you earn much (for example,you can get $0.67 for a click) .

Writing your article ,seeing people make comments to your article and replying to them is not boring but very amusing.

Converting your amusement into cash is even more amusing.

Payment is quaranteed.(I havent come across with a webmaster who didnt paid by google or yahoo..)

Thats all..chose the reasonable monetizing method and start earning today.Do not waste your time working for 0.0x cents for others since you can work for yourself and you can be your own boss.
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