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Robert Scoble Interview

I took the time to chat with Robert Scoble about blogging and how it can be used by businesses. Robert ‘s blog grew tremendously in popularity while he worked at Microsoft. He used the blog to talk about the industry and his company’s products/news announcements. Today he works at PodTech and has his own podcast.
1. In your opinion what are the most important benefits of blogging to any company?
Blogging puts a human face on a company. It also allows corporate employees to react to market conditions quickly. Blogs are also great for relating to customers and helps companies get to know who their customers are and what they want better.

2. Do you think company blogs should talk just about themselves or the entire industry?

The best blogs are passionate and authoritative. You never have authority if you only talk about yourself. The best blogs will gain credibility and authority if they talk about their competitors and explain what is good and bad about them. Company blogs should blog about the entire industry.

3. In your opinion, what is the most effective way to write a company blog?

Learn to use Google blog search engine or Technorati and track what bloggers are saying about your company, industry and products. Make a post on what is being said about your company to give your company’s official statement. Write about your own products, news, but also follow and read the top bloggers and journalists that cover your industry and see what they are saying.

4. What is the number one piece of advice you have for business that are looking to get started in blogging?

Read 50 blogs for several weeks before you even think of starting to blog for yourself. Blogs allow for a two way conversation, unalike other forms of marketing like advertising or public relations. Reading other blogs helps you to learn how to listen, which is very important since blogging is all about listening to your readers, and helps you to develop your own writing style.

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