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Seeing higher earnings in your channel reports?

Have you ever looked at your ad reports and noticed that your channel data and your aggregate data don't match, even for the same date range? You're not alone -- we often receive emails from publishers who are concerned about this issue, and we're happy to clarify what's going on. Depending on how you've set up your channels, you'll see a larger number of page impressions, clicks and earnings in your channel reports than your aggregate reports for any or all of the following reasons:
  1. Your ads are being tracked on multiple URL channels.

    Let's say you've set up 2 URL channels - one to track and to track The URL channel will track clicks and impressions from all subdomains, subdirectories, and subpages of As a result, one click on will be tracked on both of your URL channels, which means you'll see two clicks recorded in your channel reports. However, your aggregate reports will show you the correct number of clicks, one, with no data duplication. You can learn more about how URL channels will track specific pages in our Help Center.

  2. Your ads are being tracked on both a URL and a custom channel.

    Now let's suppose you have a URL channel for and a custom channel called Example Homepage, which you're using on the homepage of When you receive a click on the ad unit tagged with your Example Homepage custom channel, it will also be tracked on your URL channel. Just like above, this means that you'll see two clicks logged in your channel reports, but only one in your aggregate reports.

  3. Your ads are being tracked on multiple custom channels.

    So you've taken advantage of our new feature, and you're tracking each of your red leaderboards with 2 custom channels -- one called Red_ad_units and one called Leaderboards. One click on a red leaderboard will be tracked in both of your custom channels, so you'll see twice as much data when you compare your channel reports to your aggregate reports.

Of course, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't set up multiple URL and custom channels to track specific pages and ad units. But if you'd like to view the overall performance of your account, visit your Advanced Reports page, select the Aggregate Data radio button, and click Display Report -- you'll then see your reports without any duplicate data.

Now get tracking (correctly)!

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