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Sell your photos "earn with your camera"

Have you heard of stock photo service?You take photograph and upload it to a stock photo web site,and people buy your photo..Why should people buy a photo from internet instead of clicking right to picture and saving it to desktop was the first question i asked myself when i heard stock photo thing.And the answer is clear..Theres a banner or different image or crosswise lines on the photo ,also its disabled to save photos on stock photo know javascript thing does it! ..Anyway this is the continuance of " earn with your camera " post..

People buy photos online when they need an original and unique picture to use it on their article on newspaper thats why commonly the shoppers are journalists,for example,a journalist writes article about tropical fruits and benefits since its takes long to find tropic fruits and taking picture of it they go to stock photo sites and buy an image about tropical fruits.

Examples may go on..To make money from stock photo you need to have +7 megapixels camera or professional cameras like nikon d300 canon g7 or you need to be a digital artist who can create amazing pictures with adobe photoshop or adobe illustrator and other illustrating softwares,nobody will buy your copied from google images photos so dont waste your time.

( Note: You can obtain illustrating brushes from this link )

Top Stock Photo List On Where You Can Sell YourPhotos :
istockphoto :You can both sell your pictures and videos ,you cannot set bid ,price of your pictures depends on your picture dimension.

The most popular stock photo web site.

stockphoto : For info click

herebigstockphoto : For one image you get paid $ 2.5 via paypal .

fotolia : You get paid $1 for small , $2 for medium and $3 for large images via paypal .For more info

click here.dreamstime : Check here for payment system.

theimagefile : Get paid when your account balance reaches £100..Payments are made via PayPal.

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