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SEO Optimization Tips

No one knows exactly what the Search Engine's (SE's) look for when they show a site at the top of their results. There are, however, many optimization techniques used that have proven to provide great results.

Some of the techniques I will tell you about here are techniques that I have personally gotten great results with. SEO optimization is something that is frequently changing but if you learn at least the basics you won't go wrong.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means you are optimizing your website in order to gain top SE placement. This means link building, placing relevant, fresh content on your pages and inserting the correct META tags etc.

I will use this website as an example when going through techniques.

Domains - Many say having your keyword in the URL of your site is very important. In my opinion it is not as important as it was in the past but it definitely would not hurt to go ahead and do so. My main keyword is 'make money online' so i have money and online in the URL.

META Tags - The most important aspect of your of on-page SEO is your META tags. These are the tags contained within your tags, which tell the SE's and users what the page is about. Below is an example of the two most important META tags; the title and description:

SEO Optimization

Title - Make sure your title is TO THE POINT. However, you also want the title to be appealing. Be sure to get your main keyword in there without adding too many "stop" words such as "the, as, only" etc. but also make sure it's appealing to the veiwer. The title is what will influence your potential veiwers in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS.)

That brings me to another point, having different titles for each individual page. I have come across many sites that either do not have title and description tags at all or have the exact same ones for every page on their site. It is very important to establish a main keyword for each individual page and place the exact keyword in the title tag. You should not have the same title in any two pages.

Description - Use the same advice I gave for the title tag when creating the description but you can add a little more than the keyword in here. Do not make the description too long. I recommend somewhere around 6-10 words. The description should be on every page as well. The description should be different for every page and unique to that individual page.

Keyword Saturation - The number of times your keyword shows up on each page is not as impoartant as it used to be with the implementation of LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing,) but in my opinion it is still somewhat important.

The phrase "keyword saturation" refers to the number of times your keyword shows up on any given page. Each page on your site should have a different main keyword. You need to use this main keyword in the content of the page you are creating but do not get too carried away. I do not believe that there's a set percentage. I believe that the search engine algorithms are much more complex than that and the percentage of each keyword phrase is a very small part of their overall decision.

Keywords - In the old days of Internet Marketing a webmaster could obtain top SE ranking just by stuffing their keyword meta tags full of their keyword without any SEO optimization. Those days are gone along with the importance of the keyword meta tag. Many webmasters continue to use this tag like myself, just in case, but I have not noticed any kind of an effect nor have I heard others talk about one. This is what the keywords meta tag should look like:

HTML Format - The basic format of any html page should begin with then , followed by and the closing title tag and then the Meta Tags. closes the initial one and then , after this tag the main body text should be in there taking up most of the contents of the page, at the end there should be a tag and the very last thing that should be on every page is There are alot of other tags and code that can be put into the code but make sure all the mentioned tags are in the order above.

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