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Shoemoney Interview

Below we have an interview with Jeremy Schoemaker, the man behind popular blog, where he blogs about how he makes money online and his viewpoints on events that occur in the industry. is one of the top 100 blogs on the Internet according to Technorati.
1. How did you get your start in blogging?
I basically went to my first conference in 2003 at San Jose (SES) and I wanted a place to put my thoughts on the industry.

2. A lot of bloggers are hesitant to try affiliate programs because users actually have to buy a product/service for the blogger to make any money. What advice do you have for these bloggers in regards to affiliate programs?

It really depends on the niche. If there is an affiliate program directly related to what you write about you have a lot better chance to convert. Regardless, you should always experiment with new ideas and programs.

3. If a blogger wanted to sell advertising space directly to advertisers, how would you suggest he or she go about it?

In my opinion, direct ad sales are the best form of revenue. I pretty much just started selling ad space directly to advertisers because there was ad space available. I contacted a few companies and asked them how much they would pay me to advertise their company and I accepted whatever price they paid for the spot. This gave me a starting point and that’s just really half the battle. I would advise people put up some type of banner that makes it look like some body is paying you and create another banner that says Advertiser here and link to your advertising page. On your ad page, put how much you want to make from ad sales. When your ad space sells out, you can raise the price. Let the market decide the price. I haven’t found that top level yet so I just keep raising my prices.

4. You have said before that you wish to make more money blogging since you spend a large portion of your time blogging and it only makes up a small portion of your total income. Other than the monetary benefits, have you noticed any other benefits to blogging rather than just sharing your knowledge?

Well, it has made a lot of connections for lots of things. We started AuctionAds because the company actually approached us and that would have never happened if not for the blog. There are a number of other things that blogging has allowed me to do. I was recently invited to TechCrunch40 and was working with reporters from the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and others so these contacts are useful when launching a new project.

5. Do you run any other blogs besides


6. Why Not?

Blogging is not my thing. For me, writing is a brain dump. I don’t correct my grammar or spelling, I just write freely on what I think. My blog is a time vs. work thing and it is not very efficient for me. I think that is rare because I cuss and say whetever I want. I have been asked to blog on many other fantastic blogs like LifeHacker, but have had to turn these opportunities down because I can’t do these things and be myself on other blogs.

7. What has your experience been with selling T-Shirts? I know you give many away, but have people bough t-shirts from your e-store and has this proven to be an effective source of revenue?

Pretty much, if we sell any we break even. We sell them for $5 and they cost us $5. The ones we give out we take a loss on, but it spreads the ban. When people buy them, that is great since it spreads the brand at no cost to us.

8. What Blogs do you like to read?

TechCrunch, ProBlogger, JohnChow, Matt Cutts, 1938 Media, and the Superficial.

9. What is the #1 piece of advice for new bloggers that want to reach your level of success?

It depends on your goal. I think my blog is successful because it is up there, not because of the money it makes. I like to inspire other people to peruse their dreams. So people would first need to define success. I cannot really advise people who blog solely for money because I have always blogged to share my thoughts and help others. People should always just write about what they care about, not where they think the money is.

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