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Strategic Blogging: Creating the Right Content to Achieve Your Income Goals

Blogging experts will repeat the same advice again and again: just create great content, promote it a little and people will read your blog. But determining the type of content to create is more important when you want to fulfill your end goals.

No matter how excellent or casual it appears, free content is always a means to an end for every publisher. You want to achieve something with the articles you write.

Perhaps you want to make money blogging or want to get some exposure for your name. Maybe you are only blogging to express your emotions or share your opinions with others. The main question is: What do you want from your blog?

This isn’t merely contemplation. By examining your intentions or goals, you can reverse-engineer your entire blog and easily determine what type of content you should create in order to have the best chances of achieving your aims.

This is strategic blogging or the process of blogging with ends in mind. The easiest way to start is to ask yourself what you want to achieve through your blog. Here are some sample goals along with some quick solutions:

  • I want to make money directly from my blog: Monetize your single post pages, write regularly about affiliate programs, explore different advertising options, actively seek advertisers and develop a plan to increase visitor traffic to your site and your conversion ratio.

  • I want to build my feed or email subscription list: Give your subscription options greater prominence, actively ask for subscriptions, provide benefits in return for signups and consistently produce content of excellent standards.

  • I want to promote my freelance services: Create a portfolio and sales page on your website, write about topics associated with your services in order to demonstrate expertise, offer free services for other bloggers in exchange for reviews and periodically highlight your services within your blog posts.

  • I want to get more exposure for my business: Link out often to bloggers within your niche to make friends, create posts with relevant search keywords or phrases and maybe even network with competitors within the same niche. Write about the industry in general and communicate with your audience,

  • I want to become an expert in my niche: Pick several topics and write exclusively about them. Create detailed articles which examine every possible facet or angle for the subject. Leverage the brand of other bloggers or personalities by interviewing them. Learn about your topic and break news.

Bear in mind that I’m talking about overall objectives for your blog and not specific internal blogging goals such as ways to get more traffic or comments. These final objectives are things you want to achieve through the means of blogging.

Strategic blogging is a rather simple process:

  1. Determine what you want to achieve with your blog.

  2. Backtrack and make a list of specific actions which fulfill your end goals.

  3. Prioritize the actions to take according to the importance of each goal.

  4. Create a daily or weekly action plan.

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