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Uprooting / Moving Your Blog - Blogger Tip

A little known feature built into Blogger / Blogspot is the ability to move your entire blog to an entirely new address (URL) with just a couple of clicks. There are a number of reasons why people desire to move their blogs, usually because their very personal blog has been “found” by close friends or relatives, discovered by their workplace or they are being harassed or stalked by trolls that leave rude, obscene or inappropriate comments. I think every blog service provider should include this feature but as far as I know Blogger / Blogspot is the only one that makes it so easy.

When you move to a new URL, not only does all of your previous posts and archives move right along with you but also all of your comments and your customized template or “skin”. Of course it’s not a bad idea to make a backup copy of your template just in case! To learn how to make a backup copy check out the tutorial here… Backing Up Your Template This is what makes it so easy to do and it can be done in a matter of minutes provided that the new URL you choose is available.

To get started just go to the “Settings” tab in your Blogger control area and then click on the “Publishing” tab. In the image below, notice the two red arrows. The lower arrow is pointing to where you would enter the new address you desire to use. Just type it in and hit the orange “Save Settings” button and that’s all there is to it! If the address is unavailable or already in use it will tell you so, if that’s the case just modify the name or choose another to try again till you get one that you’re satisfied with.

This is a very painless operation that leaves no forwarding address to your new location. Of course you may want to send your faithful readers an email telling them where you moved to! Anyone going to your old address will see only the standard “Not Found” page that Blogger uses for incorrect URL’s with no clue left behind as to where you went.

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