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Using Blogger with Your Sony Ericsson Mobile Device

Instead of sending MMS messages to to post to a mobile blog, Sony Ericsson users post using the built-in BlogThis! feature. What does this difference mean? For regular mobile users, the mobile alias connects the user to the mobile blog. For Sony Ericsson users, each phone has a distinct device ID, which associates the device with the mobile blog.

Despite this difference, Sony Ericsson users should still receive a mobile blog URL and a claim token when first starting to mobile blog. The process of claiming the mobile blog is also the same as it is for regular Blogger Mobile users.

If you don't know your mobile blog's address or aren't sure if your posts are going through, try these steps to locate your blog and posts.
First, see if you can find the reply message from Blogger containing your mobile blog URL and claim token. It's possible that you missed the incoming message, so we recommend doing a search through your message inbox. You should have received a message from "Blogger," with the content:

To edit your blog, use your computer to go to this page: Claim token (type of password): [YOUR TOKEN]Blog address:
If you can't find such a message, see if you can hunt down your blog's URL. Try accessing your Bookmarks to see if there is an entry titled, "My Blog." This bookmark should have your mobile blog URL. You can also search on the web to try to locate your blog, searching for words or phrases you used in your mobile blog posts.

Note: If should need help using Sony Ericsson with Blogger Mobile, we are only able to assist you if you can provide the URL to which your Sony Ericsson device is posting.

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