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What is a missing files host?

Blogs using our custom domain feature will see an additional option on the Settings Publishing tab regarding a missing files host:

If you choose to specify a missing files host, it will be used as a fallback server whenever someone tries to access a file that cannot be found on your blog. For example, let's say someone clicks a link to www.yourblog.com/foo.jpg but that file doesn't exist. If you have specified www2.yourblog.com as your missing files host, Blogger will automatically look for a file at www2.yourblog.com/foo.jpg and will try to use that instead.
When you select "yes" for this option, a new field will appear where you can enter the appropriate host. All you have to enter here is a subdomain, which is assumed to be on the same domain as your blog. In the example here, both are on the example.com domain, with the blog using blog as a subdomain, and the missing files host using www.

Why use a missing files host?

The most common use for this feature is when you have a number of images or other files stored on your own FTP server and then you move them to another server. Normally, this would break all the links to these files that are in your blog posts. However, if you use this feature then the broken links will all be redirected to the new location. (Assuming, of course, that the files all keep the same names and locations that they had on the original server.)
This situation may arise if you originally published your blog via FTP and then switched to using custom domain publishing. Images originally posted to your server do not get transferred over to Blogger when you do this, so you may want to move them all to a server such as images.yourdomain.com and use that as your missing files host.
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