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Which of my blogs will Blogger Mobile post to?

I already have a Blogger blog - how can I post to it?
After you create your new mobile blog by sending a message to go@blogger.com, you'll be able to merge your new mobile blog with your existing blog by visiting go.blogger.com. After that, all future messages you send will be sent to the blog you select.

Can I change the blog my phone posts to?
Yes. In the sidebar of your Dashboard, you'll see a "Mobile Devices" heading. Underneath that will be a list of any cell phones or other mobile devices that are associated with your account. Click on the one you'd like to modify and you'll have the option of selecting a different blog to post to. You can also choose "delete this device" if you want to remove the association entirely. Do this if you want to create a brand new blog the next time you send something to go@blogger.com.

What if my blog isn't hosted on BlogSpot?
If you are publishing your blog via FTP to your own server, you can still merge your mobile blog into it. However, we won't be able to move the photos over to your server along with the posts. So new photos you send after the merge will be posted correctly, but old ones will not display. If you plan on posting to your FTP blog via Blogger Mobile, it's a good idea to get your blog claimed and merged right away, before you post anything important to it.
Another important thing to note is that you will need to have your FTP login information stored on your Settings Publishing tab. Otherwise, Blogger will not be able to upload photos to your server and you will get broken image links.
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