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Best Software for Affiliate Program

What is Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program - also known as an Associate Program - is an increasingly popular form of online marketing, in which a website that refers business to your website is paid a small commission. Referrals are steered to your site via a specially coded banner or link, which appears on sites that have agreed to send business your way.

The marketing concept has captured the imagination of marketers, because it represents an unrivaled opportunity to base advertising on a pay-per-performance model. Instead of paying advertisers and “hoping for the best,” merchants using affiliate marketing programs pay only when advertising results in an actual sale.

In a phrase, affiliate marketing is single-handedly redefining the way advertising is done.

As you might imagine, many merchants see this new paradigm as a license to print money, and have devoted a great deal of effort to sign-up as many affiliates as possible. Indeed, in many cases, merchants with successful affiliate marketing programs boast hundreds - if not thousands - of affiliate websites, which continually feed them potential customers on a daily basis.

Moreover, the concept has also given rise to a new brand of entrepreneur: the power affiliate. Such referral websites have become extremely adept at attracting high quality traffic representing true sales potential to their own sites, and then spiriting that traffic along to the appropriate merchants. In many cases, these power affiliates have created entire careers and businesses for themselves, simply with their ability to deliver high quality traffic on a regular basis.

Post Affiliate Software

Affiliate Software will handle all the program management details for you, including:

  • Processing of new affiliate sign-ups
  • Tracking of all traffic and sales referred to your website
  • Calculating commission totals for every affiliate
  • Automating the payment of commissions to all your affiliates

As for me, I’ve evaluated several solutions online and found the best software that suites my needs called Post Affiliate Pro. With Post Affiliate Pro software, you’ll be able to offer a full-featured affiliate marketing program on your own site for only one-time cost of USD$99.

Main reasons why I choose Post Affiliate Pro are:

  • Post Affiliate ProPost Affiliate Pro has been awarded the Award of Merit for Excellence in Affiliate Marketing Software for year 2006 by
  • Easy to install - just upload the files onto your web site, and open web based Installation Wizard. With only 5 simple steps, anybody can do it. Or, if you wish, they’ll install it for you for free.
  • You can start your own affiliate program in minutes
  • Most reliable tracking on the market with technology of Flash cookies, 1st and 3rd party cookies and IP tracking
  • Fully customizable
  • Increase link popularity
  • Real time reporting
  • Unparalleled set of features
  • No setup fees and no monthly charges
  • Well establish community of users on their forum
  • Technical support and lifetime upgrades
  • Also offering full integration
  • No risk! 30 days money back guarantee
  • Integrates with nearly ALL merchant accounts, payment gateways, shopping carts and membership systems.

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