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Blooper, increase traffic, make more money

For the past few weeks I’ve been toying with this new idea of generating traffic which is totally different than the core content of this site. I call this method, blooper. Though the content is different but the method is still align with the idea of making money online.

What is blooper?

According to Wikipedia blooper means a short sequence of a film or video production which contains a mistake made by a member of the cast or crew. These bloopers, or outtakes as they are also called, are often the subject of television shows or are sometimes revealed during the credit sequence at the end of the movies.

That is what Wikipedia says. But for me I also use other type of attractive multimedia content which I think could be of interest to mass audience. It should not only compound for your mainstream readers but overall Internet surfers.

That is what Wikipedia says. But for me I also use other type of attractive multimedia content which I think could be of interest to mass audience. It should not only compound for your mainstream readers but overall Internet surfers.

How do you create a blooper?

Well there’re many ways how you could create your own blooper. Some of the simplest ways are:

Capture any video regarding your daily life or life around you. For example a video showing your talking bird, your first day learning how to drive or even your neighbour’s birthday. What ever content you decide to use make sure you have full rights of publishing it to public. If you include someone else in your video, make sure you get their permission first.
Use any open public rights content that you can find from Internet. Normally this type of content may requires you to include a link back to their site in return of the permission given.
What ever content that you decide to use, make sure to convert it to an appropriate content format i.e. Macromedia Flash, Windows Media or Real Media. For me I use mainly Macromedia Flash since the converted content is much smaller and most browser already have the player builds in (plug-ins). Alternatively you can upload to any free online video service such as YouTube and MetaCafe which will simplified the conversion process for you. Just upload your video in any format, embed the given script to your page and it’s set to go.

Things you need to know before publishing.

In order to get the most benefits out of your blooper, make sure to apply this guidelines:

Create a separate page from your main website. Preferably put it in a single html file with no other links on it except your PPC ads.
Put your blooper in the middle of the page and occupy most of the space.
Embed your traffic report codes (i.e Google Analytics, Histats etc) in your page so you could monitor the campaign performance.
Insert your PPC ads (i.e Google AdSense, Bidvertise etc) and set to only display one single ad at a time. This is to keep your visitors focus only on your blooper and your ad and nothing else. Configure your page so your PPC ad will display ads which is mostly relevant to your blooper’s content. (I’m preparing a separate post on how to set a targeted PPC ad soon. Please consider subscribing to my email feed for updates on the latest post.)
Last but not least, upload the page to the same domain. By doing this you will ending up getting some visitors to your main page from the blooper page. Do not mention anything in the blooper page which gives a link back to your main page. You doesn’t want them to loose focus on you main content.
Need to see how I did it, please check out one of my top blooper called “The Big Red Button”.


Once you’re ready, start promoting it on social media network such as Digg, StumbleUpon, MySpace, Friendster and forums. (Secret on how to promote on Social Media effectively, is in the making. Subscribe to my post and get notified once it’s done) Within no time you will notice a huge increase in your traffic. If your blooper is attractive you will also get the viral effects which will brings a good consistence traffics, non stop.

The overall results will differ based on the quality of your blooper. As a reference you can check my overall result as follows:

During the first few weeks after the blooper page was launched it contributes up to 33% of my overall traffics and consistently around 20% after that.
It generates around 17% traffics to my main page.
Overall 12% CTR for my PPC Ads. It has even gone up to 50% for some tightly targeted keywords
Increase my Alexa ranking

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