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How You Will Make Money With SEO

Yes, of course you will make money by making use of as many of the SEO (search engine optimization) techniques that you can get your hands on. The art of using SEO to make money is the winning trick in all niches. You won't make money just through hit and miss! It would take a hefty book to explain all the SEO techniques that you'll need to generate enough traffic to make money from your blog or website, so I'll just focus on a highly successful method that you can easily put to use.

What I'll show you here is not so much of a secret, more a solid make money technique that I'll wager a lot of people are failing to use in order to boost their chances of climbing up the search engine results pages (SERPs) for their niche so they can make money.

First, it's back to the classroom to get down to some of the donkey work of good old fashioned keyword research.

It's not fun or entertaining, but necessary if you don't want to remain in the dark abyss where the search engines are concerned. That's because there is not a magic pill for boosting your website or blog right up to the first page where all the top sites make money hand over proverbial fist.

You'll simply have to get there through a ton of tedious work!

First then, select the long tail keywords you'll be targeting for your niche and do a check to see how may times they are searched monthly on Google. If you don't see more than a few thousand searches per month, then you'll have to combine your keywords with others in your article to attract traffic from several sources and begin pushing them really hard if you want to seriously make money.

Blogs are great for this kind of thing. That's because by their very nature, the content changes and is updated often and each individual post counts as a separate page on your "site". This is how you'll make money by boosting your chances of appearing high in the SERPs.

Write your blog post and make it all about one main keyword phrase and put that keyword in the title of the post in addition to liberally sprinkling them throughout the body. A clever tip is to ensure that keyword phrase is in the first paragraph (twice is better) and make it bold type. Do the same in the final paragraph. Sign out your blog post with the keyword phrase as well.

You might have noticed how this make money article is written.

My main keyword phrase of make money lives in one of the toughest niches competitively that there is. So on order to stand any chance to make money by attracting traffic to my blog from the search engines, I'm obliged to combine that make money keyword phrase with others. In this article, it is SEO or search engine optimization. I could put them together for an even longer long tail keyword like make money with search engine optimization .

What you'll notice in this article is how often these keyword phrases, those of make money and SEO appear in its body. Now a happy balance is found between keyword optimization and keyword stuffing, which the search engines will penalize you for. The simple SEO, or search engine optimization technique used here, by optimizing the occurrences of the keyword phrases make money and SEO throughout the article, are set at between 3 and 7 per 100 words. Aiming for the higher figure is better to make money but you certainly should not exceed 7 percent keyword population, or you'll start attracting some unhealthy scrutiny from certain places, which will dent your chances to make money!

Once you've completed and published your post on your blog, your next task to make money from it is to really push it along. You can do this by taking the blog post you just wrote and spin it into a new article. By that I mean rearrange it sufficiently by changing the wording, altering phrases etc, until you have a different enough article to pass a test for originality using a tool like Copyscape. You should also change the title, but ensure your keywords are still in there.

Then submit your make money article to a top article directory like (nice plug here!).

When you do this make sure to put a link back to your blog in your resource box. It's also a good idea to place another link in the body of the article, near to the top. That's just insurance against anyone plagiarising your article. Some people don't play by the rules and put your article on their site but remove your resource box first. By adding a link in the body you still stand a chance of keeping your link wherever your make money article may end up.

Once you've submitted your make money article to the article directory, you'll earn your blog a high ranking back-link and get your corresponding blog post indexed by the search engines quickly. Of course, if your blog post is sufficiently relevant to its topic with its keywords, then you should obtain a decent placement in the SERPs.

If you do the same for every post in your blog, you'll find that over a period of time your make money blog posts start to feature quite highly for their long tail keywords. Your blog homepage will also get a boost by association.

All that means more traffic to your blog. That means you can make money from the search engine traffic who come to visit your blog and click on your affiliate links and also your ads.

To make money with a blog is simply a numbers game. The higher the traffic numbers, the more clicks you should expect on affiliate links and ads and the more you will make money.

Simple, but so true!

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