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Improve Your Ranking

One of the way to improve your site ranking in search engines is by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link back to your pages. You can do this by puting your own link through your participation in various public forums, comments, open submision blog etc.

You can also request for your link to be publicized in other blogs. But make sure those pages have quality content as this will helps improve your ranking too. For Wordpress blog, this can easily be done by plugin called WP-Backlinks. It serve the same purpose with great functionality. Backlinks are a huge part of Search Engine Optimization. This plugin will help you trade backlinks and gain pagerank. A must have for SEO!

WP-Backlinks is a plugin that makes it easy to trade and manage your backlinks on a weblog. There will be a form for other weblog owners to fill out in your side navigation with their site details and the url to the weblog article that has a link to your site. Once the form is filled out WP-Backlinks will spider that page and make sure that they really did put a link to your weblog on that page. (your hosting provider need to grant access for this engine to check external URL) It will also log the page rank of that page. In the admin section you will have to approve any new links to be displayed on yourweblog so that there aren’t any inappropriate links going on your weblog. You can set a limit of how many links to trade per article. This means that there’ll be different links in different pages. The default is five. Here’s the math. If you have a weblog that has 1000 articles and you trade 5 links per article of your weblog that would be an additional 5000 incoming backlinks. Your pagerank and traffic would definitely start to rise and any text-link-ads or what ever advertising you are doing if any would also become more valuable.

You can find more info on this beautiful product from WP-Backlinks Official Site. You can check it out from my installation as follow. I would love to include your links so please feel free to participate.

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  2. By mjsacco on January 19, 2013 at 7:18 AM

    Thanks I am going to install that


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