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Maximize Adsense CTR for Publisher

Many publishers still doesn’t have any clue of how to deal with Google Adsense because of their earning doesn’t meet with their projected calculation. They got very low Click Through rate (CTR) everytime. We can make it better if we knew about some tips for increasing CTR.

Placement: The best place is the top / the first fold of your web page and inside your document’s / content’s text.

  • Choose the effective ads type: Text ads are better than image ads.
  • Blending: You should make your ads look as part of your web content. It shouldn’t look like an ad because most people doesn’t realy like advertisement. They search for content not ads.
  • No Border ads: Erase the borders ads and make them having the same color with your website’s background
  • Traffic: Use proper ways of generating traffic to your site. Example: Advertise in Pay-per-click search engines. But make sure to choose the right keywords with the lowest cost. Another ways are link popularity techniques like link exchange directories, article submition and commenting other blogs.
  • No other advertisements: Do not distract your visitor’s attention and go somewhere else without clicking your Adsense ads.
  • Use sitemap: Create Google’s sitemaps. This will allow googlebot visit your site and crawl it much sooner then any other submission process.
  • Relevant ads: Increase the relevency of Adsense ads that appear by blocking the unrelated sites. Use Ad filter tool to get it done.
  • Create relevant content: The more relevant your content towards your Adsense ad the higher the CTR will be.
  • Make as many website as possible. Don’t rely on only one.

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