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Search Engine Optimization Myths - You Have Always Been Taught Wrong Lessons!

Search Engine Optimization Myths - You Have Always Been Taught Wrong Lessons!It is sad to see that most web contents tell people wrongly about search engine optimization. Most webmasters preach what is heard from other websites. You have been always taught mythology than the real lessons of search engine optimization for your websites.

I have heard many people saying that Google will penalize for duplicate content on your websites, which is totally a myth. I have added articles from various article directories to my web pages for the sake of content. I have not had any problem till now. The duplicate content terms of service is wrongly understood and taught. Every search engine has its own way to manipulate duplicate content. I will not go exactly on which terms each of them work. But, all search engines does follow one common specific criteria to judge the content as duplicate. Here it is: Those website contents that show same search results when viewers actually type a search term, with one or more of the same search result (duplicate), without any extra search benefits, such websites are to be considered as duplicate content sites.

If a website has 100% duplicate content of a original website, such sites are to be considered as duplicate content. If a website has 70% of original content and 30% of "borrowed content" or syndicated to the benefit of that website visitors, it is unlikely to be called as duplicate content site.

The fact that RSS came into existence on www, content syndication from mighty content websites to other small websites has grown rapidly and has largely benefited internet users. There is literally more than 10 million websites on internet and it is virtually difficult for each one to generate original content, always. Wikipedia is an example of such sites. It is not been penalized yet!

Similarly, another myth is about back linking strategy. The myth is that if you do not get relevant back links from authority websites, you will lose your ranking! Consider this. Yahoo! is number one in rank on www and Google number two. If you see both of them for "who is linking them", you will find they are linked some 100 million times. Not all links linking to them are relevant. Yet they are number 1 and number 2 in ranking on internet.

There is nothing like relevant linking strategy specified by search engines. A one way back links is although a criteria to good ranking, it always does not need to be from relevant sites.

Now is the time to understand what really is search engine optimization. Changes are happening every time when "Black-hat" technicians works out to cheat search engines often. Their alogarithm changes when they are tricked by them. Still, websites that is growing organically without using black-hat techniques have generously been rewarded by search engines and will continue to do so.

I will limit only for few of the search engine myths in this article. An article alone is not sufficient for me to present about these myths. There is even more to be told and taught about this subject, which I will cover it in my blog, with a free video presentation. You will also get a free chapter of "Search Engine Myths Exposed", where you will find more about it.

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