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SEO Do's and Do Not's

When you developing an internet marketing SEO strategy, there can be a ton of different approaches. Some people get so lost in strategic, that they never take action to make it work. A bad strategy is better than no strategy. Take some caution in regards to your overall approach, once you have your ethical boundaries drawn, you can begin implementing an SEO plan and start seeing results much, much faster.

Basically you can approach SEO in two ways. The first, and the one I recommend, are following what the Search Engines are telling you to do with good website design. Ya, that's right, follow the directions! The second is what most are trying to do, which is figuring out how to get around the rules of the Search Engines. This is a bad idea! The primary method these guys use is called "Spamdexing". These two methods are often referred to as "white hat" and "black hat" SEO. Good and Bad, essentially.

White hat SEO, of course, uses methods not only endorsed by the search engines but has been put into the rules and/or directions. These type of SEO strategies are long lasting and are used for web sites that are developed for long term use. They follow search engine guidelines and provide great content for their visitors. Content is written with the visitor in mind, instead of trying to trick the crawlers (Search Engine Spiders) from the search engines into boosting their PR (Page Rankings).

Black hat SEO is basically a short term approach that cranks out web content in high volume so that the crawlers will respond to the keywords. They hide text in the content and are also known to send visitors to different sites other than the search engines. This is called "cloaking". These sites end up being banned and are buried deeply in the indexes once the search engines become aware of their strategy.

The best way and a respectable way to achieve a higher ranking and to increase web traffic is the use of the "Halo effect". Basically, an internet marketer will target keywords with less competition. After achieving a high ranking with that keyword, you can then target a more sought after keyword and so on.

Writing SEO articles are a great SEO strategy. Obviously the article must contain a proper amount of keywords to activate the search engines, however, it is important not to try to stuff too many keywords into the text. This not only impairs the flow of the article, but it can send a red flag to the search engines and have a negative effect on your ranking. It also distracts readers from bothering with it in the first place.

When writing an SEO article, you need to also provide content relevant to the keywords, in order to capture the attention of the reader and draw them further into the web site. If someone finds that the information presented is not what they are looking for, due to your title, it only takes them a moment for to leave. Captivating content shows respect for your visitor and gives them some insight into something of interest. They may just visit your site.

SEO is not rocket science, but it does take some planning and strategy. Once you decide what your goals are and target a market, you can have the search engines working for you and they will help lead people to your web site. Keep lot's of relevant content on your site so that your visitors find your site of value and entertainment.

It may look like a lot of work, doing SEO, but you should be aiming for free traffic rather than SEO perfection. Constantly tweaking pages will keep you there for weeks, so complete it once and stop playing with it. You can learn some back-door strategies inside Google Snatch.

Take care and happy SEO!

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