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What is Search Engine Optimizations?

What is Search Engine Optimizations?

Search engine optimizations is the process of writing a webpage with the right meta tags in the appropriate place of a web page for it to be crawled by web crawlers, web spiders, and web robot which will later indexed the extracted information along with the meta tags to be stored on search databases to be searched for by internet users - consumers.

Why is search engine optimizations important?

Search engine optimization services or seo services are a necessary part of running and maintaining a website; to all website owners, since it has been estimated that over 75% to 86% of all internet users use a search engine to find products, services, and information. If you plan to have visitors on your website, to sell products or to promote a product, it is the best way to gain traffic. This is because after your website has gone through the process of search engine optimizations and has been indexed with all the right meta tags in place people will find your website.

How long is the Process?

Seo Services take time, this is mainly because it take a while for the web crawler to get to your website to crawl it for it to be indexed in search engine databases. Some times it can take up to 9 months, it used to take about 6 weeks. The process of optimization for higher rankings can take about 10 to 12 months. All though it some websites have be optimized and achieved higher rankings in less than two months.


In the long term, you will gain increase in web traffic, increase sales, and your website will be frequently crawled by web robots which will also aid in link popularity and search engine visibility - this means your website can be easily found on the web. Compared with pay per click advertising search engine optimization services is way cheaper in the long term.

What is the challenge?

The challenge is knowing your industry, finding the appropriate keywords, and making the web page or website search engine friendly and user friendly as well.

Some techniques to avoid when optimizing web pages.

The following techniques must be avoided when optimization websites:

Link Farm, Keyword stuffing, Meta tag stuffing, and Doorway page

These creates ineffectiveness of results for the search engine users and search engines.

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