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When to Get Rid of AdSense

There are a lot of ways that you can monetize your blog. AdSense is usally the starting point for most blogs. After all, its pretty easy to join and get going, even if your blog has no traffic. While AdSense is a good starting out, after your blog starts to get some serious traffic, you may want to use other advertising methods, primarily direct advertising.

Lets take a look at some numbers.

Say you earn an average of $.05 CPC and 10% click through rate, you earn $500/mo. However, if you sell 5 ad spaces on your blog at a rate of $2 CPM each, or $200 per ad spot, you could double your earnings and make $1000.

The reason for this is that with AdSense, you are only making money from one ad spot. If one user clicks on an ad, only one of the ad units on your site makes you money. With CPM ads where advertisers pay you a fixed amount every time their ad is shown, all of your advertisements make you money every time somebody visits your page.

The other thing to take into consideration is that for a quality blog with 100,000 page views a 10% click through rate is quite generous. After all, most of these visitors will be repeat visitors who won’t be interested in your ads, and with many of these visitors visiting multiple pages in a visit, you may only have 30,000 to 50,000 different visitors in a month. A 10% click through rate of these visitors is only $150-$250 net earnings a month.

So, should

So, should you get rid of AdSense. Take a look at you stats. If you are earning less than $10 per every 1000 page views from all your ad spaces, you should consider selling advertising space directly. Contact the advertisers who are appearing in your AdSense ads, look at other websites in your niche and see who is advertising on their sites, and do a little selling. Chances are, if you have a quality blog and sell your ad space, you should be able to earn a significant amount more than you did with AdSense.

Want a real world example? Look at JohnChow.com. In December 2006, the site had 184,640 page views, earning almost $700 in AdSense. This past December? The blog had 244,000 page views, $0 in AdSense, and $10,000+ in direct advertising sales. These results are not typical, but just go to show how much more profitable selling ads directly to advertisers is than using an advertising network. After all, if you eliminate the middleman, there is more money left for you.

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