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5 Proven Tips to Make More Money from Google AdSense

Despite all the buzz how easy it is to get rich using AdSense and generate autopilot income from this advertising network, people are still struggling with it on a daily basis. Why? Because a hype is still a hype.

All those aside, as with any business, if you are serious about making money from Google AdSense or any contextual advertising providers, think about being a content publisher. It helps from the first mindset of going for the best; publishing only good quality of content to treating the whole process as a business.

I know not everyone like the idea of placing all of their eggs in one basket. Nonetheless, AdSense is one of the easiest and convenient ways to generate income streams from the Internet.

If you think of it as a business, you are more likely to be serious and at least expect to work before results come. The so-called guru have spent years working very hard to reach what they have now so beware of the aggressive marketing message which purpose is only to sell you their products.

Before we start, realize that while you can’t expect success just by reading this article, it will get you started in the right direction to earn more money with Google AdSense, and generally other contextual advertising network.

Here are some Google AdSense tips to help you get the most ouf of our traffic and content:

1. Quality content, and more of them
Many people are too busy optimizing their AdSense ad units without ever thinking about quality of content. Others simply have too little of text content to be useful for both visitors and AdSense robot to decide which ads to display.

Quality content is one of the most important components in the whole equation for earning revenues from AdSense. They also help you in optimizing for search engines in the long run.

Publish lots of quality content, targeted to one or several related topics so AdSense bot has a better idea about what your site is all about.

More great content generate more traffic and targeted ads, in which translates directly into increased revenue.

2. Make ads part of your content
Web publisher may think the best performing ads are those with the colors provided by default or listed in your account. Afterall, why Google has those in our account if they are not good?

The fact is, no site works the same. Every site has their own color scheme, so there are virtually unlimited combinations of AdSense colors that could possibly work better than the default color scheme.

One popular way to optimize AdSense ads is to use the straight or direct blend tactic. Most business sites have white background. In this case, change the background color of the ads to white so that it matches the whole page.

On the contrary, the stand-out blend approach to optimize ad colors work because it is esthetically different from the other blocks on the site. Still you have to be careful to only choose matching colors.

Whichever tactics you use, make sure the ads look like part of the page. In other words, it blends into the content. This makes visitors think that your ads are part of your content, so they are most likely to click.

3. Above the fold rule
The best place to put your ads is above the fold. It immediately draws visitors attention when they visit your site. If much of the content are below the fold, then chances are they are more likely to click on your ads.

Of course, you can have the ads after the content to give the readers the options to take action upon after consuming the content. But still, this rule works best.

The space where you usually put your company logo is usually a bad place to have AdSense ads, because people tend to skip that.

4. Text link ads work best
I can’t claim this applies to all sites but time and time again I have seen that text link ad units actually produce best results and click-through rate (CTR).

The only logical reason why this is so is because text links look much like content.

On sites where images could support text content, image ads might work but I have experienced very rare occurences of this situation. This may change in the future as video ads become more common, interesting and useful. Currently you can have video ads only if you enable image ads on your account.

5. Choosing the right ad formats
Standard banner ads (468×68) don’t work most of the time. Visitors have developed ad blindness with this type of ad, especially in image format.

The best ad block format to blend into content is the large rectangles (336×280) size. Other formats might work well in different occasions. For example, AdLinks blocks work best in the sidebar when navigation menu appears. Horizontal AdLinks blend perfectly just under the header of the page. Leaderboards could work best at the top of the page and in forums.

Those 5 tips are more than enough to get you started in AdSense. If you have been using a standard ad format, these changes could increase your revenue twofold or even more.

There are more tips to come. Meanwhile, taking action is what matters. After testing some of these tips, you may come up with your own ideas to test with. Please share your knowledge with us.

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