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AdSense Ads in Floating Layer?

DHTML layers type pop-ups are here for some time. Because they can appear in different types of forms, resembling a Post-It note for an example, they usually draw visitors’ attention. Recently, there is a new twist to embed Google AdSense ad unit in the floating layer. How does it comply to the AdSense policy?

AdSense in AdImpact floating layer

First and foremost, as a user, this type of floating layer still is a pop-up. It is promoted by some affiliates as unblockable pop-ups. From the point of view of a website owner and the technology itself, this is not a pop-up, because it uses DHTML layers instead of a new browser window.

The first generation of such pop-up allows marketers to add a Post-It note alike pop-up, sticking on top of the webpage. As far as I know, it could be set to disappear after a few seconds, or stay there until the website visitor click on the close sign.

Now many direct response sales letter begin to use the scrolling pop-up to not only attract but should we say force a visitor to pay attention. Scrolling simply means that when you scroll your browser window up and down, the pop-up follows. Sometimes with delay, so it appears after one or two second you scroll the window up or down.

My thoughts
As to the case where publishers have begun to embed AdSense ad unit in the pop-up, I don’t doubt that if the ads are contextually targeted, CTR should increase substantially. The problem is, while interesting on the first or second try, the pop-up becomes obstrusive after some time.

The official verdict
JenSense confirmed this by going straight to AdSenseAdvisor to get the scoop.

“Yes, certainly. Additionally, they provide a poor user experience, and Google believes strongly in providing a positive user experience” AdSenseAdvisor said. “A general rule of thumb is that ads should always be placed in the primary content frame of a page — first and foremost this is to ensure content-targeting works effectively. Also, it provides a more positive user experience.”

AdImpact (by Instant Attention), has promoted the new AdSense tool on their website, but publishers beware, it is not allowed by Google to embed the ad unit in another frame outside of the primary content frame.

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